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Thread: Tired of the Doctors Office....

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    Wink Tired of the Doctors Office....

    Since between My mom, My kids and NOW me, we've been to the doctors At least once a week (if not 2-3 times like this week) since AUGUST. Yes, august. Thats over 3 months...
    Mom is finally done (at least with the every day/week schedule) and Tanner and Rilyn have both been sick 2 times in the past six weeks. And Rilyn's only 6 weeks old. AHHH
    To top it all off....I STILL have high blood real scary high. And they cant figure out why. Ive been in the ER, and to Doctors, and gotten labs, blood work, kidney ultrasound....and most everything is coming back fine. The kidney ultrasound came back with some things (that I dont understand) but require a CT scan. My doctor has told me twice to sstop nursing (medication then CT), and the pediatrician keeps telling me to start again that its no problem. Now I know it may seem like "no wonder she has high blood pressure" look at all that stress...not to mention the Holidays, but seriously...Its not that, Im really a laid back person and things don't get to me like that, Im a day at a time and if things dont get done, its fine with me. I LOVE the month of December, the hustle and shopping, crowds, cold weather (which we've had NONE) But I feel like weve spent so much time at the Doctors office, I haven't had time to enjoy any of it (much less scrap)!! OK im dont ranting....I feel better my blood pressure is down 20 points! Love you guys for being a sounding board.....

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  2. I'm not in the medical field, but I suggest that you get yourself taken care of first and foremost. HBP is nothing to fool with and has little to do with being extra busy. Could it have been connected with the birth of your DD? Something to get checked out asap. Hope everything is better soon!

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    you make sure you get all that checked and double checked 2 years ago DH went through all those kidney test they found one kidney had not ever formed good and had been dieing since birth. But they also found he had cancer in that kidney and had it not been for the fact it was dieing they would not found the cancer until it was to late he was only 45 it was completely contained in that kidney. so they removed one kidney. here is where it gets good lol lots of prayers went friends and family pulling together and praying. the dr called said they had done a kidney function test and he expected that he would either loose ground on his kidney functions or they would stay the same as that kidney was almost dead however he was very puzzled that it was improved much higher then before !

    it is so important that you find out why your blood presure is high and take care of it.

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    Yes, I am getting the CT of my kidneys next week...I know its a serious matter, especially becuase we dont know why its happening! Scary. I am on med to keep it down in the meantime!! Thankfully all of our friends and family are in prayer mode still (mom was diagnosed with cancer in August). I am trying to stay positive and I am faithful that it is nothing too big. Either way, Ill get through it!

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    Nothing is impossible for God I will put you on my prayer list just hang in there and let us know how it is going.

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  6. So sorry you're going through this. if you need help translating any medical jargon, especially info on meds, feel free to pm me. i'm a phd scientist, and have spent 12 of the last 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry, doing FDA submissions.


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    I can't imagine how frustrating and tiring this must be for you Bailey! Hang in thoughts are with you and your family.

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    It gets old doesn't it?!! I hope that you can get an answer and a solution to the high blood pressure issue really soon! Hope those kiddos are better now, too!
    LOVES it here!

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    Hang in there, Bailey... and I'm very glad you're getting everything checked out! You and the family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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  10. Bailey ... I am so sorry that all this is going on in your life right now. I didn't know that Tanner had been sick and now this with you is scary. I am glad that you are going to the doctor and that they are working so hard to find the cause. Glad that your mom and the two little ones are better ... so that you can concentrate on you. And, I know that as a mom that is very hard to do. I will keep your family in my prayers ... that all of you will be well and can have a wonderful Christmas without these worries.

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    So sorry you're going through all that. I was pre-eclamptic with my daughter. My blood pressure was through the roof and my kidneys had all but stopped functioning. I felt like the only pregnant woman on earth who could NOT pee.
    The high blood pressure lingered for several weeks after I delivered and I had to take 2 different medications. I wasn't even allowed to see her for the first 3 days of her life because it was too risky for me to stand up.
    The doctors did the same to me about the breastfeeding. One said the medicine was bad for her, one said it was fine. I think the truth is that they just don't know.
    Hope you all get better soon!

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    Bailey, I do hope and pray things go well with all of you soon! It's no fun being at the doctors all the time, but that's the only way to get things fixed! {{hugs }} to you!

  13. I will add you to my prayer list. I can only imagine what you are going through, especially with a newborn. Take care and do keep us posted!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through, Bailey. You will definitely be in my prayers.



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