February Cover Contest: Loving you! Have you expressed your love on a page? Love for your sweetie, your children, your parents, your friends? We want to see them all! The winner receives a prize package and all finalists are published in the article.
Discovery and Digital Discovery:if we have never published your work, send in three samples of work showcasing your unique style and you might be one of our latest Discoveries.

Article Calls:

Ink It—Are you addicted to ink? Have the inked fingers to prove it? We want to see your projects and hear your tips!

Have a Heart--Share all the ways you use hearts in your scrapping.

All about the arrow—Do you have an arrow love that would rival Cupid's? Show us your pages that point the way using arrows.

Loving Lavender —And all of her purple friends. Are you an Amethyst scrapper? Love all those shades of violet? Send some our way!

Pets—We want to see your pets, cats, dogs, sleeping, awake, playful or lazy. Send in your pets!

Cards—Valentine, love, show us cards you send to a loved one.

Hybrid Calls—layouts, cards, or projects for February. Show us hybrid projects for Valentines day, or a special layout or gift dedicated to a loved one. Make sure to tell us which part is hybrid in your submission.

Be Chic--I would like to do strong words...like layouts using 1 word titles: Sometimes it's not what you say...but rather how you say it.

Alter It!—Lets go with anything Valentine. It'll be fun to see what we alter for our "cupid".

Sketch—Every weekend we have sketches put up for you to work with. Stop on in and check them out. You could end up on the "Map".

Deadline is December 31st for all calls.

Send all submissions to: submissions@scrapstreet.com

Before submitting your work take a peek for tips on getting your work noticed first.
Following the submissions process makes it smoother for our editorial team to place your layout in the correct subsection and then turned over to our writers.

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