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Thread: weight loss

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    weight loss

    ok I think i have solved the problem to the forever gaining scale see the way to solve this example below
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  2. LOL . . . this would assume I can place my feet above me AND get my legs straight. For me, that illustrates step one in causing a concussion. The scale would definitely be landing on my forehead in 2.5 seconds. lol

    Thanks for the giggles, Belle!

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  3. LOL! TFS here! I've seen this one come through my email, too, and it made me laugh to see it again.

    I guess it should come with this disclaimer:
    Cassie, do not try this at home!

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  4. LOL Belle! Thanks for the heads up ... I have been doing it all wrong too! Although some of my grandchildren have done it right from time to time !

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    This is great, my husband just bought some new scales at Costco. Guess I'll have to instruct in the proper use of these things.

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    AHHHHH LOVE this.

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    cassie I am a very visual person and I can just see you trying to do that lol lol it was not a pretty site roflol

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  8. too funny. thanks for the correct advice just in time for holiday eating!!

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    Oh My, that was the problem all along! Now I'm off to buy a lighter set of scales so I don't get concussion like Cassie, but i can just see the stares when I try to weigh the set of scales on another set of scales!



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