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Thread: Clean rooms :)

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    Clean rooms :)

    When I posted this layout - - I had no idea what I was starting. LOL!

    Anyway, I actually blogged about our new room cleaning system a couple of weeks ago and you can read all about it here - - I've reformatted my blog since I posted it, so forgive the too-big pictures.

    But, it's been a month now and their rooms are still clean!!!
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    Loved that layout Steph!
    I think I will have to go & check out your blog & give it a whirl on my oldest!

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    Wonder if this would work with TEENAGERS?!?!?!

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    what a great job ...LO looks great too

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    Ummm ... I create my own place to put my own things ... I could purge more ... but, maybe because I am older than Elizabeth and Emily this won't work for me!
    Am I right ???

    Steph ... I love your blog ... you put alot of time in making it so very organized and interesting! Love how all of your layouts are right there for me to "oggle" over!

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    Steph, this is fantastic! I'm going to let Payton make her organization decisions the next time I do an overhaul of her room (which will be right after Christmas, I'm sure). I love the idea of letting the kids choose the organization instead of you - that is the component I have lacked. I'm going to try it with my husband if I can get him to buy in. He's the worst of all of us and my whole house ends up in the state that you described the kid's bedrooms. TFS!

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    I think you've hit on a great idea and system, Steph. The key seems to be in letting the kids have ownership of how their rooms are organized and in making it simpler for them by purging a bit so the amount of stuff they need to organize is not so overwhelming. You are teaching them some practical life skills, too. Thanks for the inspiration to keep on with my own paring down process.

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    Yay on the clean rooms, and double yay on the beautiful LO!

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    Sounds like your really teaching self discipline and showing them how rewarding it can be. Great Job! Do you think this works on hubby's? LOL



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