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    Thankful for... is Lisa's enabling new post on her quest for "addict" status.

    What 3 things are you thankful for today? (kids, significant others, health are given )

  2. well . . . since it's not a given, I will first say that I am thankful for God and all of His blessings . . . . but then . . .

    1. choc
    2. o
    3. late

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  3. Cassie, you are hilarious! Well, I am thankful for your tutorials! I also realize that I am very rich compared with most of the world, as we all are if we are on our computers digi-scrapping! And on that same note, I have been thinking the past few weeks how nice it is to come home to a nice warm house, so I am thankful for that & many other things too!
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    I am thankful for completed major repairs to our house, so I now feel warm and secure in my home during the storms we've been having.
    I'm thankful for my laptop, which allows me to be creative, access DD, and to keep in touch with all those loved ones!
    And even though health is a given, I am a 7-year survivor of two primary cancers, and health is something I do give thanks for on a regular basis!!

    ...and hey, thanks for this thread! It'll be fun to see what we're all grateful for!

  5. i'm thankful for my sewing machine - i use it almost daily, and it really relaxes me.
    i'm thankful that my dh fixed the tub - nothing like a deep bubble once a week or so.
    i'm thankful to have online forums like this where i've met so many scrappers online that have become friends.


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  6. I am thankful
    1. that I can't think of a thing to put on my Christmas Wish list because I am so blessed
    2. Losing 75 pounds
    3. finding ACDSee

  7. on my way to addict post!

    tee hee
    I am thankful for the students I get hugs and smiles and waves from each day when I come to school.
    All my mac and apple stuff- Designer digitals
    My husband ( yeah I said that!)
    my car , even though its not the newest, it does give me my independence
    Thankful my parents brought me up a Christian
    my puppy
    MY CAMERA- I am so thankful for my camera- I love my camera!!!!

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    Great thread Katrina...(and your enabling me too )

    Cassie you so crack me up....I know ive said it before, but I bet you are so much fun to be around!

    I am Thankful for (only 3 things??!?!?) (I couldn't stop at 3)

    God and the AMAZING Blessings in my life...(as follows)
    My two healthy beautiful children (and the fact that we blessed to be able to have them)
    Today I am thankful for Tanner and Rilyn's Pediatrician, because he just Rocks for being so understanding!
    My Husband
    My Momma
    My computer and camera to capture the memories!

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    Thought I'd join in

    1. I'm thankful for kind comments in my gallery -- they mean more to me than I should probably admit
    2. I'm thankful for the smiley...I'd be nothing without it
    3. I'm thankful to be part of a creative group of women who so willingly share their talents with others

    (and thankful for just about everything listed above too!)

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    I have to agree with Cassie
    1. Choc
    2. o
    3. late
    okay, lets, computer, kids (so I have something to take pictures of), and husband...who supports me financially in all my loves...

  11. Good post.. it is good to stop and think of all that we are thankful for... here in Bermuda Thanksgiving is not an official holiday, but I think is one of the best celebrations!
    Here's mine...

    In addition to the "givens"
    1. God who gives me life, purpose and direction... without him I am lost!
    2. Supportive parents and inlaws who are always there when we need them but sensitive to the space that we need.
    3. The opportunity to be a stay at home mom

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    I am thankful for:

    --God and the many gifts he has given me and my family
    --Katie and Randy and all they do to keep this site up and running.
    --my family, health and everything in my life! Life is good!

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    ok . . . . . after the givens in the OP

    I'm grateful that:
    1) the Thursday specials are already up!!!
    2) my workload is light thru the end of Dec for the first time in a long time so I can hang out here a lot!
    3) my parents and husband understand to at least stop talking when I walk in the room and they're dissing my favorite presidential candidate (that translates to being glad for holidays and politics).

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    1. i've always wanted two boys (including the dh . and i have them. i'll never stop pinching myself.

    also thankful for:
    2. the magic elves who have filled my gas tank every week for the last 18 years.
    3. the ER trips that mikey makes to the grocery store for me
    and most of all,
    4. that i got to be a mom to a really cool kid. (see no. 1)

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    almost for got to ask cassie...

    milk or dark?

    personally, i've never met a chocolate i didn't like.

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    mmmmmm dark

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    I must say that I'm in agreement with all of you for a great husband, health and kids. Here is my list:
    1. A wonderful God who sustains us through all the sorrows and joys of life
    2. This great site and new way of expressing myself
    3. Diet Dr. Pepper

  18. amen cassie preach it sister preach it lol and I am thnakful for God and and the wonderful family and life he has giving me

    but then there is
    1 white chocolate
    2 dark chocolate
    3 hot chocolate
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  19. I'm thankful that Avery took her first 3 steps today!

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  20. I am thankful I am going to be in Brazil in 48 hours, and that I *think* I have it all organized now

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    well now... I am thankful for all those givens... and oh so very MUCH for chocolate.
    but my right now 'three' are
    1 being awake when the house is all asleep. rather than awake because I have to be....
    2 that I'm looking forward to Christmas (I havent, for one reason or another for years)
    3 that my desk is tidy. for the moment...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeidiKnight View Post
    I'm thankful that Avery took her first 3 steps today!
    Congratulations Heidi and little Avery!

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    What I'm Thankful for today:

    1. My little girl that is so beautiful.
    2. My husband who's man enough to stay home and take care of our little girl.
    3. My job that is so flexible and values family so much.

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    mmm I love this!
    I'm thankful for:
    1. I get to watch my daughter grow up
    2. I have everything I need and more
    3. Things that make me laugh!

  25. thank you for this thread, i need to stumble on it today because its so easy to be wrapped up in the part of life that distracts us from the truth of the daily blessings....
    i am thankful (even though it s a given)
    1. that i have 4 healthy kids, that makes me a mom - i am blessed
    2. all God's blessssing in my life
    3. that I have a long list of things I am thankful for.
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