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Thread: Calling all you crafty ladies....

  1. Calling all you crafty ladies....

    I need help! I'm not a paper or hybrid scrapper, never have done it. In the picture below, I have a sleigh bell that is 4" in diameter. It's a copper color but made of tin (sorry pic not that good). I have to decorate it. My mom signed me up to decorate this bell to be sold at a silent auction for a special charity in my area. Most people paint their bell. I do not paint either! So I'm stuck. I want to incorporate my scrapbooking skills to make this a beautiful bell. Or one worth bidding on. I was thinking of using swirls, tree's, snowflakes and I don't know what else, I'm still in the phase of designing. I'm thinking of decoupaging it. But before I get into the project too much I need your advice.
    1. Is regular paper (copy) paper good to use, or do you think photo paper would be better and just as pliable.
    2. If I use the photo paper, should it be glossy or matte?
    3. I think I'm going to spray paint the bell red. Should I use a primer and then a shiny red spray paint?
    4. Should I use mod podge to "glue" the paper on and then use a spray sealant to give an overall sheen and consistancy?
    5. Is there any other question I didn't think of, but you feel I should do? lol.

    Thanks girls for any help you can give.


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    hmmm...what if you left it the color like it is and attached with fun ribbons a mini album for the auction winner's Christmas of both worlds

    ETA I would bid on your mini album...I love your style!

  3. Whenever I've covered over something with curves, I've found that thinner paper is better. Not sure about the other questions though.


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    Thinner is always better on curves--but I don't know about adhesive--I can never get modge podge to stay for long, so unless you have used it before and are gifted at it, I wouldn't try it.

    BUT I do like the idea of leaving it all rustic and attaching it TO something. That might be a twist that could work for you and your scrapbooking skills. Sounds like a wonderful fundraiser! And don't we just love it when our moms wanna show off our crafty abilities. ;-)

  5. Thanks for everyone’s input. I used several of your ideas. I ended up not painting the bell but left it to its regular patina. I tried printing on the tissue paper but the design and details were not very clear and light. It was disappointing. So I tried copy paper and white glued it on. The paper was giving enough and laid rather well. My girls cut up papers and glued it on to give it a mosaic look. I sprayed the bell with clear acrylic sealer with a matte finish. Then we printed out the stickers and used pop up adhesive stickers to give it a dimensional look. Then we topped it off by printing out the tag, attached a brad and used raffia paper to tie it on. I’m pretty pleased with the result. Thanks again everyone. I knew I could count on you.

    Hybrid Sleigh Bell

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    I just saw this in the gallery and I just Love it! Was it fairly easy? I am seriously thinking about trying a few as gift toppers...
    Also, I would bid on it!!

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  7. Considering I didn't know what I was doing and flying by the seat of my pants...I think it was fairly easy. And I would and will do it again.

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