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    Hi everyone
    Another new person here!
    I've lurked a while, just registered and popping in to say hello

    I've done a couple of digi layouts, looking to incorporate it into paper scrapping and fully digi layouts


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    Welcome, Di! Glad to have you here at DesignerDigitals! Tia Bennett, one of the designers here is an awesome Hybrid Scrapper! Here is a link to her gallery:
    Also, Jessica Sprague is another great paper/digi girl!
    There are others too!
    Anyway, happy to have you here!

  3. Welcome Di! Great to have you here

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    Di, Nice to see you here. I am total in awe of paper scrappers - I never seem to find the time to get out all my stuff (of which I have a considerable amount) to make pages although I do enjoy making cards. I hope you like it here - digiscrapping is massively addictive I find. Candylou is right about pointing you in the direction of Tia (and Jessica too).
    Hope to see you around

  5. Welcome!


  6. Welcome Di! Looking forward to seeing your layouts!!

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    Welcome!! So glad to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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  8. It's so great to see new faces here at DD! Welcome! So glad you're here!

  9. So happy to have you here Di! Welcome!

  10. Welcome to DD Di! Candy gave you some great links to a couple of our fantastic hybrid scrappers! Glad you are joining our fantastic community here!!

  11. welcome to DD!!! good to have you here I do digi and paper and sometimes mix them together it is all great fun! I hope you enjoy all of the possibilities digi can offer


  12. Hi Di ... welcome to DD! I know you are going to have a great time here ..

  13. Yeah Di.....go to it!!!! So happy to have you join us here!!!!

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    Hi Di!
    I think hybrid is a great way to combine the best of both worlds and I love seeing what creative things can be done with that way. So feel free to invent and explore. We love hybrid (and digi, too, I guess !) I always enjoy all the inspiration in the gallery and look forward to seeing your work there!

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    (waving wildly)
    hi Di!!!
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    Hi Di! i just did my first hybrid layout and it was kind of fun! We're so glad to have you here at DD and I look forward to getting to know you better!

  17. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!
    I already know Tia from 2peas so I know how awesome she is!
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning as I go


  18. yay and my avatar uploaded!
    You all might recognise "me" now from a few other boards


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    Totally cracking up about the avatar- matches your name perfectly!! LOL!

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    welcome love your avatar!
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