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Thread: been around for a while..but thought...

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    been around for a while..but thought...

    I would officially introduce myself. I found this site a little over a month ago and have ben posting LO.I was astonished of how many views and comments I was getting. It was such a wonderful feeling. I also attended some of the NSD chats and was at the chat with Cathy (about her book). I have been so excited to get invovled in a forum that people are friendly and feel that you have a voice in the forum and in the chats. I know I will be more involved as the days continue. Thank you for having such a WONDERFUL site.

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    Joann, it was so fun chatting with you at the NSD chat! Hope you'll be joining us often and I totally agree with you, DD is a WONDERFUL site! I'm also happy to see you sharing your work in the gallery, glad you are here!

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    Hi Joann,

    Welcome to DesignerDigitals. Katie and the ladies here try to make this the best digital scrapbooking site. We have a lot of kewl things here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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    Welcome Joann! This is a super place to hang out, and we're happy to have you 'hanging' with us! Welcome!
    LOVES it here!

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    Another big welcome to you!! So happy to have you here!

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    Hello Joann! So nice to see you here. We're very pleased to have you with us! Hop right in!

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    Joann, I've seen a number of your layouts and I'm so glad you've jumped in to say hi here!! I love it here at DD, so I'm delighted you have found it such a fun place to hang out. Look forward to *seeing* you around!

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    KellieMize Guest
    Welcome Joann! Very happy to have you join us!

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    So glad you're here, Joann! Everyone here is so friendly and TALENTED! I can't wait to see more of your work!

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    Welcome Joann!!! So happy to have you here...yes..DD is just a wonderful community!! Looking forward to seeing more of your layouts and visiting with you at the chats!!

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    Hi Joann!!! Aren't the challenges amazing.....they are so inspirational. So glad to have you joining us here.....see you around!!!

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    hi joann!
    good to see you here!
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