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Thread: been around for a while..but thought...

  1. been around for a while..but thought...

    I would officially introduce myself. I found this site a little over a month ago and have ben posting LO.I was astonished of how many views and comments I was getting. It was such a wonderful feeling. I also attended some of the NSD chats and was at the chat with Cathy (about her book). I have been so excited to get invovled in a forum that people are friendly and feel that you have a voice in the forum and in the chats. I know I will be more involved as the days continue. Thank you for having such a WONDERFUL site.

  2. Joann, it was so fun chatting with you at the NSD chat! Hope you'll be joining us often and I totally agree with you, DD is a WONDERFUL site! I'm also happy to see you sharing your work in the gallery, glad you are here!

  3. Hi Joann,

    Welcome to DesignerDigitals. Katie and the ladies here try to make this the best digital scrapbooking site. We have a lot of kewl things here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


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    Welcome Joann! This is a super place to hang out, and we're happy to have you 'hanging' with us! Welcome!
    LOVES it here!

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    Another big welcome to you!! So happy to have you here!

  6. Hello Joann! So nice to see you here. We're very pleased to have you with us! Hop right in!

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    Joann, I've seen a number of your layouts and I'm so glad you've jumped in to say hi here!! I love it here at DD, so I'm delighted you have found it such a fun place to hang out. Look forward to *seeing* you around!

  8. Welcome Joann! Very happy to have you join us!

  9. So glad you're here, Joann! Everyone here is so friendly and TALENTED! I can't wait to see more of your work!

  10. Welcome Joann!!! So happy to have you here...yes..DD is just a wonderful community!! Looking forward to seeing more of your layouts and visiting with you at the chats!!

  11. Hi Joann!!! Aren't the challenges amazing.....they are so inspirational. So glad to have you joining us here.....see you around!!!

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    hi joann!
    good to see you here!
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