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Thread: itty bitty action color

  1. itty bitty action color

    I saw this in credits and wondering what it is all about, can anyone help me?

    Also used Itty Bitty action Color Wow on photo

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    Those are a set of actions (just hit play in your actions palette and a series of steps is automatically cycled through) that can be applied to a photo to enhance it in different ways. The color wow series make the colors super-saturated, and when used on the right photo(s), can be a fabulous enhancement! There are also various black and white ones, sepia tones, etc.

    I have a few of the sets and absolutely love them!

    I won't post the link, but just think itty bitty action plus dot com (if you're interested).

    Hope that helps!

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    that is right,

    I have seen the results and thery are lovely. not to be overused on photos though.

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    I have all of the actions from Itty Bitty, and they are FABULOUS!! Pricey....but wonderful!!
    LOVES it here!

    Camera: Canon 60d
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3

  5. thank you

    Thank you so much, I am trying to improve my LOs and I am focusing more on photos and quality of my pages. I knew this was the perfect place to be to ask my questions.

    thank you!!!



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