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Thread: Giving credits

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    Giving credits

    Now I know its the right thing to do --like paying taxes and all. But I need help here -- I am finding that it takes me almost as long to remember what I have used to write it in the credits as it does to make the lo. (lol) Anyone got any time saving tips ?

    I thought of on a piece of paper as I use soemthing write it down. But maybe someone has got a clever system.

    the otehr thing is HOW do you remember all the stuff you have? I have thought about it. I have filed my kits by folder and then everything under that. But I can't remember all that is in it (age, dears, age) I wondered if I should try and print screen the thumbnails of each folder and pout in a file --or something like that so I have a catelogue of what I have,.

    Anyone with clever suggestions ?

  2. Sam...I am old fashioned...I just keep a notebook by my computer and when I start a layout, just jot down everything I use. I know some people keep a layer in PS that they use for this purpose and then just keep it hidden, but I am not quite sure how you do it. I am sure someone willl come along here with the directions for that.

    Just wanted to add how nice it is to have you as part of our are so much fun and your layouts are so inspiring!!

    ETA: Keeping track: I set up a folder that I call Kit Thumbnails. When I unzip a new kit, I copy the kit preview to this folder and then name it by store/designer/kit name...example...DD_KP_Sunprints Kit. Then when I am looking for a kit to use all I have to do is browse through that great for me!
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    thank you Kate

    i have enjoyed being on here and I learn something everyday about digi scrapping.

    It is a learning curve I am happy to be taking. And the people on here are lovely and kind, and fair.


  4. Sam...check back here...I edited my post after you replied to answer your question about tracking

  5. Next to the Eyedropper tool in Photoshop there's a Notes tool. You can click with it anywhere in your layout, and a little yellow notepaper shows up where you can make annotations. I use this to write the credits. You can drag the notepaper outside the canvas if you want. But it's not necessary, because it will not show on print, and not when you save your page for web.

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    thats sounds like such a clever idea . Cos you know what it is at the time--its just when you have finished and you have 100 layres that its an issue.

    Thanks for answering

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    I do something similar to what tyting does. In Photoshop, File>File info opens a dialogue box with several fields, and I use them to enter credits, fonts, etc.


  8. Thank you ladies for those're so smart!

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    I rename all my layers as I go along so they are named by the designer and kit they are from.

    When it comes to remembering what kits I've bought....I'm afraid I don't!!!!

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    oh sarah i LOL ! i DONT .....

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    Another suggestion would be to try an application that catalogs your elements (papers, embellishments, alphas, etc.). Tali suggested iview media, and it has REVOLUTIONIZED the way I scrapbook. I search by using a keyword -- we'll use "star" as an example -- and it instantly brings up a thumbnail image of every star that I have in my collection. In addition to this, it makes it easy to look up elements to find out where they came from for your credits (because I often forget!).

    Here is the thread where we discussed iview media if you're interested:


  12. You all are a lot more organized than me, that's all I've got to say!!

  13. Sam, I use Photoshop CS2 ... I right-click on the blue bar at the top of my file, where the name of it is, and choose File info, and I record my information as I go along. The information is saved there, when you save your photoshop file with its separate layers, for EVER, lol! That's the only way I can keep track of everything ... hope this helps, Sharon

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Andibean
    You all are a lot more organized than me, that's all I've got to say!!
    LOL me toO!
    I usually can remember if I post it somewhere right afterwards. I put credits in when I post a LO in a gallery, so I immediately type out everything I used right there and then.
    -- Caroline


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    thanks so much for your input. It certainly is easier to do it now when I have like 6 kits than when I have 1006 !

    I will investigate the iview program and see if it will work for me !

    thanks again !



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