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Thread: cathy was great

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    cathy was great

    ok so --I am red eyed- bleary and my auto focus better work properly later today , but it rocked being up.
    It's always refreshing to know that someone as famous as her is absolutely normal, grounded and every bit as much as you and I !

    Again Ktee and team well done. When I eventually get my sticky paws on a copy I will love it even more.


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    It was really fun hanging out with Cathy and everyone last night! I enjoyed Cathy's personality and outlook and seriously, I loved everyone's enthusiasm about it all! Thanks for arranging it, Katie!

    So glad you made it, too, Sam! You are one dedicated woman!
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    I agree! I thought that the chat with Cathy was fantastic! I was so impressed with how she stayed on top of *every single* question that came her way -- not an easy thing to do with 36 drooling fans shooting questions right and left -- hehe

    Thanks, Katie!

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