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Thread: Tyting Rocks the Home Page!

  1. Tyting Rocks the Home Page!

    Have you seen May's featured scrapper? Check out Tyting's work on the home page! Very Kewl!

  2. have great taste!! Not only did you pick a great woman to can pick out amazing scrapping talent as well!!

    Yes....Birgit's layouts are just amazing!! I love her pages...and she knows what lutefisk is too...LOL...right Birgit??

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    we're amazed by birgit's talent and so lucky to have her at our site!
    love your style!!!
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  4. I agree it all!!!

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    Congratulations on some well deserved recognition, Brigit! Your work is amazing!!
    LOVES it here!

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  6. You are all such nice people, thanks for the kind words!! I love this place, and with my own layouts on the home page it totally feels like home . I think it is so fun to have been selected as May's featured artist!

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    Tyting is.....

    AMAZING!!!!! Your work is awe-inspiring!!

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    Brigit's style is amazing.

    Katie, maybe we should have a scraplift gallery for the featured artist of the month too

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    Teri, that is such a great idea!!! I love so many of Brigit's might just have given me the kick in the BS I need.
    Congrats Brigit!!!

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    Love everything you do, Birgit. So nice to see your fab layouts greeting me on the homepage! Congrats!!

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    Here here!! Brigit- you are awesome and for sure inspiring!!

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    Yes, Birgit inspired my last LO idea so I wanted it to have a "tyting" flavor to it. She's smart, funny and talented--and apparently lives in the gallery because I see that she does so much praising in there!
    It's inspiring to see her work decorate the front page. Congrats, Birgit!

  13. I agree with all of the above comments! I am a huge fan of Brigit's work! She is an amazing talent and I'm so happy that she considers DD her "digi" home!

    Teri, I love the idea of lifting the featured artist! I would go "lift" crazy in Brigit's gallery!

  14. So glad to see your work featured ... you are an amazing scrapper!

  15. So well deserved!! Birgit- your layouts are amazing!

  16. Yes....we love you Birgit and so lucky to have your talent shared with us here. You're a sweetheart too and I'm so excited to see you in our starring role!

  17. oh for sure!!! to everything everyone else has said... Brigit you are honestly one of my favorite scrappers! Its great to see your work featured!


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    My first post ever in the here But I had to say that I agree with all of you Love, love your work; you give me so much inspiration!

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