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Thread: NSD -what fun

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    NSD -what fun

    even though I sit here in South Africa --half way acros the world from most of you -- i felt it, I lived it. Albeit a bit later than you !

    It was fun. I ejoyed chatting to some of you and I had a laugh at some of the people coming in to the chat room saying : " so is there a giveaway here? then leaving --presumably off to the next room to say : isnt there a freebie here? I can imagine that they go off to the store and go from instore promoter to the next having breakfast --much cheaper. !!! lol

    As I say it was fun and truly felt like I was part of the USA culture yesterday.

    well done to all here cos it takes work to put somethng ike that together and it is noticed and respected \9 by me anyway !)


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    I had a great time at the DD chat today! Met lots of people, and actually felt welcome!

    I must admit - I stopped in at a couple of other chats - and obviously I wasn't in the 'in' crowd - coz I wasn't even giver the time of day!!!!

    Thanks DD for making EVERYONE feel welcome., and for all of the wonderful freebies' and laughs!

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    Sam thanks for your post. It *was* a great fun day ... I made 3 of the chats and had a blast at all of them.

    Thanks so much Katie and the gang for putting this together and all those hosts too. So much fun to chat - didn't scrap a bit on NSD coz I was so busy chatting - how funny is that

  4. grinning from ear to ear

    yes thank you it was loads of fun, I felt welcomed here to.. I have been posting LOs here but not really chatting... after yesterday, I now have a place to call scrapbooking home. (grin).. You all did a wonderful job- I wish I didnt have to leave yesterday for that family trip, but I am glad you girls were chatting when I came back..

  5. Sam...oh..I am so glad you made it yesterday...but sad that is was at a time when I was either working or at a wedding reception ;( Hopefully we will get a chance to chat sometime soon!!

    Joann..I can relate..what are people thinking, planning things for us to have to do on NSD!! Don't they understand...LOL!! I am glad that you got to stop in for a bit last night too!! But...what are we going to do with all that money we saved...LOL!!

    Scallywag: Glad you had fun yesterday. That is what I love about DD...we don't have an "in" crowd here...everyone is fun, nice and part of the great big wonderful DD family!!!

    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you better...and seeing more of your wonderful layouts!!!

  6. Thanks so much girls for stopping by!! It was great to see so many people at the chats- i was only able to make it to two but had a great time- the DD gitls are always so welcoming aren't they? best girls around!

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    I'm so glad to hear everyone had a good time!
    Be looking for another all-day event in a few months!!
    thanks for all your support!!
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    It sounds like I missed a really great time. DH was out of town and 20 month old DS just hates my being on the computer, and it just gets miserable for both of us, so I missed out. I'll make sure DH is going to be in town for the next event!!
    LOVES it here!

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    I just wanted to say I had a lot of fun yesterday. I popped in and out as time allowed during the day, and I was always made to feel welcomed. I love it here. You guys are the greatest! A big thank you to Katie, all the designers, and CT members who made it a fun day! Group hug for everyone

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    Oh I don't know about the in-crowd thing. I have a way of just forcing my way right in there. Break those cliques right down. LOL!

    Thanks to the DD team for putting on such a fun event. Still shocked that you were giving away brand new items from the store. That is really so generous! I can't wait to put those to good use.

    I gotta say, signing up for your mailing list is one of the best scrapping decisions I've ever made.

    Thanks again!

    And note to self: Block off the entire NSD next year and just plan to spend all day in the DD chat room.

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    I had such a blast too! It was great to chat with everyone and laugh! Wonderful!!! Thank you to everyone who came out!

    and, National Spelling Day will happen! LOL!!!

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    i need NTD

    National Typing day --- I type fast - and never check what I have written ( and looking at my hands I dont see errors. ) So apologies in advance !

  13. I just wanted to thank everyone here for making my NSD so much fun. The chats were great and it was so nice to be able to get to know everyone. Thanks to Katie and all the designers for such wonderful freebies. I am not only amazed by all of your talent but your generosity too. Looks like I have found a new "home".

  14. NSD is fun....but here at DD it was incredible. Katie's generousity paired with the intimate feeling and the nice people here really made it a blast.

  15. Oh and scallywag....the time is 10:51!!!!!! And you can ALWAYS get the time here!!!!!



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