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Thread: so i actually went to a sb store today!

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    maryannwise Guest

    so i actually went to a sb store today!

    for the first time in 6 months!!!
    i looked at everything! wow. but didnt buy anything. the owner was wondering where i had been....i told her i went digi and her chin dropped! anyway the only thing i would have bought were some albums...they had this cool album jewelry....these ribbons you can decorate your abums with....and i am thinking they sure did have alot of smaller albums too. so are smaller albums the trend now?
    have youe seen the album jewelry stuff? its cool!

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    Did they rush you out MaryAnn like you had some kind of contagious disease that their other customers might catch?!!!!

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    contagious disease....ROFL!!
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    maryannwise Guest
    she gave me the weirdest she stepped in doggy doo or was kinda funny!!

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    I visit scrapbooking shops all the time (and usually walk out the door with at least $10 worth of supplies - LOL), but I have found that store owners are always very interested when I tell them I do digital. One of my favourite stores even has a digital person on their staff.

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    Too funny Maryann!! One of our local stores has digi classes and has asked me if I want to teach one in the new year- I think I may have to go see one first to get my head around how to teach one but it is cool that they offer digi classes- they are a photo store as well as an LSS so they print the digi pages at the end of class- cool idea!

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    That's cool that your store has digi classes Kate...I've always gotten the uncomfortable reaction and the impression "oh that's nice, but if you're a "real" scrapper, you use paper"...really gets under my skin.

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    That would be irritating- grrrrrr - I think it's mostly not even understanding the concept of digital for most other scrappers. I had two girls from my work ask me about- both very computer savvy girls- and they said "I just don't get the idea of it- how you do it? What you use?" etc.... so I brought in my book and they were like - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so that's what it is like- I showed them my kits too and they are now both in the process of getting photoshop onto their computers! Cool!

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