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Thread: anyone else here still 'biscraptual'?

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    anyone else here still 'biscraptual'?

    i am!!

    i'm such a tactile person, you'll never get me away from my inks and adhesives

    but my latest adventure is combining paper and digi....kind of a hybrid scrapping, if you will....

    what about you?

  2. i've been trying to sell off all my paper scrapping stuff! ok, there's a few things i have to keep, but i have SO SO SO much stuff to get rid of. I've sold about $350 so far and its barely a dent... ack... I wanna sell it all and get a laptop!

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    maryannwise Guest
    me too! I wanna get a laptop! wanna sell my stuff!!!
    we need a paper selling board katie!

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    Just when I think I'm going to sell all of my stuff, some new great product comes out and drags me back in. DH would kill me if I started selling my stuff, everyone jokes that I have my own store, it's really quite sad!

  5. I made myself a planner to use on our upcoming Disney vacation. I used some of my old paper supplies and bought a bunch of new ones -- Sarabinder, tabs, Disney embellishments, ribbon.

    I hated it. I hated the mess and having to find adhesive. I'm definitely not bi. Solidly digital when I can be!

  6. I am! I think I'll always be a paper scrapper at heart. But there's such an elegance to digital. Something that's really hard to achieve in paper. So I'm looking to satisfy both halves. LOL.

    Oh and *waving* Hi TIA!!

  7. oh, lyndsay... I so get those comments too "you could have your own store!"... lol... i had like 4 ladies over the other week and they were rummaging through everthing and saying that over and over as i kept pulling new stuff from nooks and crannies all over the house! lol. i had to have a glass or 2 of wine to handle watching the product go, but iwas happy afterwards and i havent missed it at all. I started with a stack 16 inches high or so of paper!! and that didn't include my old bazzill non-tectured packs! Oh, Katie, maybe we should start a forum for selling our old paper stuff!!! i could make a mint and get even MORE kits!!! a new EHD even? Wacom? lol....

    AND katie, think of all the paper scrappers we'd attract to the site and then (after they bought all our stash of course bwwwaahhhaaa) we'd convert them to the dark side w/us! lol!!!! oh man, i so love digi scrapping and so does dh... no more kitchen table clutter!
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    I must admit... my biscraptuality is fading... I still love paper and paint etc but I rarely scrap anything in paper... I LOVE digital!@!!
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  9. I love both and don't favor one over the other! Like Tia mentioned, I too am having tons of fun combining both at the moment!

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    I still like to make cards and paper crafts but for scrapping... all digi!

  11. I still do paper pages from time to time- dida bunch for MEmory Trends- those were my last paper ones. I still have piles of stuff- not 100% ready to get rid of it all but the digital side seems to be winning out 90% of the time- it's too addicting!

  12. I do both! I think it's the smell of StazOn that keeps drawing me back in.


  13. Tia and Sheri.....I am so interested in the combo work you do....please post it and share with us what's what and why you chose to use each......I think there will be a move towards bi as more paper scrappers come around to digi. I think it's a fun trend to explore.

  14. I've got a "bi" page being published coming up- not until Jan. or Feb. though but it was fun to do!

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    I did my first biscrapual layout for a Reveal for my DT and I actually like how it turned out. It's a group of paper scrappers so everyone was oohing and ahhing, but I'm going to have to do more in the future.



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