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Thread: Hello I'm New Too ...

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    Hello I'm New Too ...

    Hi everyone, although I've been posting in the gallery I've only just discovered the community link - it's great to see all the interesting information passed back and forth and I hope to dip in and out when I can. I really enjoy seeing all your great, inspirational layouts and all the different types of styles posted.


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    Hi, Lorraine! I've been admiring your gallery for so long and it's great to finally have a name to put with them! I'm glad you found the forum. We have a great time sharing ideas and supporting one another.


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    Hi, Lorraine! I've noticed your outstanding layouts in the gallery! Great to have you check in here, too.

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    Welcome Lorraine! We're happy to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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    Well Lorraine, so nice to know who Neat freak is! I've enjoyed looking at your layouts
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    Welcome Lorraine! I love your layout - you have a wonderful style!

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