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Thread: Hello I'm New Too ...

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    Hello I'm New Too ...

    Hi everyone, although I've been posting in the gallery I've only just discovered the community link - it's great to see all the interesting information passed back and forth and I hope to dip in and out when I can. I really enjoy seeing all your great, inspirational layouts and all the different types of styles posted.


  2. Hi, Lorraine! I've been admiring your gallery for so long and it's great to finally have a name to put with them! I'm glad you found the forum. We have a great time sharing ideas and supporting one another.


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  3. Hi, Lorraine! I've noticed your outstanding layouts in the gallery! Great to have you check in here, too.

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    Welcome Lorraine! We're happy to have you here!
    LOVES it here!

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  5. Well Lorraine, so nice to know who Neat freak is! I've enjoyed looking at your layouts
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  6. Welcome Lorraine! I love your layout - you have a wonderful style!

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