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Thread: whats your favorite...?

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    whats your favorite...?

    1) technique for your lo's right now
    2) your BEST purchase for our lo's

    Just a bit of fun and great for someone like me ( that has loads of scissors and chipboard letters ) but not a big digi stash....

    Hope you respnd !

  2. I think right know my best technique is to lift others!! I find I learn a lot from trying to copy work I admire....and I'm constantly in awe of people's designs so I have an unending stash of looks I'd like to try. It also keeps me slightly focused..a problem I have!!

    Best purchases for me are anything that looks 3D or real...I love when a digi item screams reach out and touch me!!!

    Hmmmm...guess those were vague answers...hopefully others will be more specific!!

  3. MY fave technique would have to be creative ways of adding journaling.

    My best purchase would be my camera! Afterall, great pics really make a page, right?! (Although it was a gift from DH so technically I didn't purchase it!)

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    My best technique is to let either the papers or the photo inspire me. If I'm doing a CT assignment, then I look at my papers and elements and think what kind of feel I get from them and then choose a photo that comes to mind that matches it. If it's not a CT assignment and it's a particular photo I want to scrap, I look at it and think about what message or feel I want to convey to my kids with a layout.

    Best purchase - Photo actions, inking actions, paper tears!

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    Okay, best techniques when I was starting out was DEFINATELY to hang out at galleries and lift ideas from other scrappers - the DD challanges are great for that ... really get those synapses started!! Getting your own 'style' is something I think takes a LOT longer and I am not there get - so many great influences and so many different things to try...
    Best purchase is tooo tough (even though people are coming up with GREAT answers on that, LOL). For me it was getting started with a few kits that contained the basics... great papers with fab textures, some stitching, a few elements and some great alphas. If it's only one thing it has to be stitching for me I guess ASSUMING YOU HAVE A DIGITAL CAMERA LOL - couldn't do without that!!!!

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    Fabulous questions!
    1. technique: finding what it is that draws me to other peoples LO's or even the ones that I create and using that principle in my work.
    2. best purchase: Uhm, Katie's Kraft paper?! LOL Seriously, I think all the fabulous brushes, Leora's answer about the camera- absolutely, and also all the fun embellishments (even if I don't use them like I should!)

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    fabulous answers

    Keep them coming .

  8. 1. mixing paper and digital stuff together
    2. I use Katie's grunge overlays all the time... and the Cabana White paper too...and the stitching (so much easier than with paper and thread )

  9. My favorite technique right now is mixing things (papers & elements) that don't necessarily go together! It amazes me when I just grab things from a bunch of different kits (without thinking too hard about it), mix them together and "bingo" a whole new look!

    Best purchase - doodles and swirly brushes, any type of funky fonts!

  10. 1. My favorite technique right now would have to beusing large photos on a layout. I just love it.

    2. My best purchase as of late has been books from I've been so inprired by them. Whenever I'm at a loss I just pick a book up and I feel creativly rejuvinated!

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