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Thread: HELLO, newbie in da house! ;)

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    HELLO, newbie in da house! ;)

    Hey all. I am not 'new', but new to this community, so I thought I had better introduce myself. For those that don't know me, I'm Jenna, turned 38 *gasps* this past July and recently had a baby 5 mths ago. I also have a 9 y.o. boy and am engaged to an awesome guy. We are right smack in the middle of closing on our new home, which has been ready to move in since over a month ago, ay ay ayyyyy STRESS...can anyone relate. Other than that, I work full-time outside my home, for the local state government. I'm an office administrator with the Public Education Department, oh and before I forget, I live in northern New Mexico. If you're familiar where Santa Fe, NM is at, which is where I work, I live 25 miles north of it...about an hour and 15 minutes north of Albuquerque too. I love to digi-scrap (most of us do right? lol), photography, swim (lap swim), walk, work out, biking, music, digital painting, etc..just to name a few of things I love, other than my family!

    Great to meet you and looking forward to get to know each of you more! TTFN!
    P.S. Katie, I *heart* your products!!!
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    Hi, Jenna! Welcome to DD! Sounds like you're already a veteran at things. I can't wait to see your DD Gallery grow.

    You also sound very very tired. Lap swimming . . . working out . . . biking . . . walking.

    I think I need a nap. That was tiring just typing it.


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    Hi Jenna! Good to see you here. I bet your little one is getting so big already! I hope your move goes smoothly
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    Welcome to Designer Digitals, Jenna! You live in an area I plan to visit some day!

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    Hey girl! Welcome aboard! Nice to see you here

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    Welcome to DD! You are one busy woman!



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