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    where in the forum would I find "copies" of these chats if there is such a thing.

    I would love to join in but the times are so far out for me (we are +6hrs EST). i WILL do the Saturdays - but thought it may be nice to see if there is any sort of "log" or snippets from the chats ?

  2. Sam...I don't believe that the transcripts from the chats are posted anywhere afterwards. It would be so fun to have you join us some time!! There are lots of chats tommorrow for National Scrapbooking Day...the early morning ones may fit into your day...hope to see you!!!


  3. I'll be chatting Sat nt 10 EST if you're around...I'd love the company!

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    i will join the later ds has soccer on sat afternoons. he has played for 20 years this year.... amazing..and even more amazing is that I have watched him play for that long.

    so will join in when I get back.

  5. Wow....he must be good!!! Must be fun to watch him!

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