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Thread: Don't you hate it...

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    Don't you hate it...

    when you go grocery shopping and leave something in the bottom of the cart after you load your car?? I left 2 big 24 packs of lemonade juice boxes yesterday and I was at a Super Target not near my house, so I couldn't really go back and get them. Really irked me, though!!

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    How about when you go grocery shopping, using a well thought out list you spent hours working on, only to discover that some how, some way, you bought all items, EXCEPT one, even though it was on the list...and it was for something that you needed for that night???? How does this happen? You would think that after one time, I would make sure it never happened again - but it has and it does!

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    Or how about writing this well thought out list and leave THAT at home - grrrr

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    Been there, done that. Yep they all irk me!

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    Geez I can relate!

    Or how about when you have the perfect item in your hand and when you get home you realized you put the one right next to it in your basket! (and it is almost always the one with too much or too little of that thing you really like!)

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    oh how funny - done all of these recently!!!!
    read all about it!... -->
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    The people in our grocery store know my daughter and I by name, because we are always there!!! Case in point, yesterday we went shopping, had my list made for ingredients to make a special "healthy dessert"... it calls for frozen lemonade. I knew I had a can of that at home so I skipped it and shopped for the other items... got home only to discover we have frozen pineapple juice & not lemonade! Back I go today!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenasmommy View Post
    Or how about writing this well thought out list and leave THAT at home - grrrr
    That would be me

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    Wow, I never have any of these problems. My life goes off without a hitch on a day-to-day basis.

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    oh cassie!!! lol!!
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    My dh does all the grocery shopping and plenty of mishaps in the grocery dept. lol Most of the time he pics up one item to buy and magically the item next to it appears in his shopping bag! If I ask for stewed tomatoes, I'll probably get stewed prunes or something!! I could go on but he might read this and I'd rather have stewed prunes than have to do the shopping myself!

    That's a lot of lemon juice to lose Stacy! Sorry!

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    I just did the "Leave the hour long list at home" thing yesterday, then realized (on my way home) that I forgot the onions. The one thing I needed for last nights dinner. But I particularly hate it when I go to buy something (coffee, beer, juice) and I accidentally buy decaff, non-alcoholic, or loaded with high fructose corn syrup...when I swear I triple checked. So Katrina, I can relate!!

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