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Thread: I miss you guys!!!

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    I miss you guys!!!

    argh! I have been so involved with a ton of things I havenít had time to come here, "back home" to relax, browse the wonderful gallery, read the forums, chat with you galls, and I miss that SOOO much! I think I need to drop a couple of things, I miss being able to be around here more, do the blog challenges! and everything I am doing has been pretty much scrap related, just not here *sigh* Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi and that I miss you!

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    I wondered where you had got too! Missed you too - come back soon :-)

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    Hi Michelle! Isn't the gallery incredible lately? Guest CT is totally inspiring & intimidating at the same time! This is the best place isn't it? I save time and don't even go anywhere else.


    ETA: Wow Michelle! I checked out your blog & you are one busy lady! Congratulations on all of your success - how exciting!

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    Michelle ... I miss your pretty face and those of Mateus and Lucas too!
    I need to check your blog to see just what you are up to.

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    Well, as long as you're keeping busy I love to see your stuff in the gallery. Thanks for letting us know what's you're up to!

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    Waving at you, Michelle! Don't be a stranger here! Congrats on all your projects!

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