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Thread: what does the universe want you to buy ?

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    what does the universe want you to buy ?

    (wordlift of katrinaK)

    If the magic fairy came to you in a dream and you could get just one thing ( now girls this is on a reasonable budget ! not oprah's wishlist) what would that be ?

    I think I would want a shootsac !

    and your wish is my command..........................................[wake up here]

  2. I would ask (plead) for any Canon "L" lens (except the 70-200...already own that one)!


  3. Nothing. The universe has demanded that I stop.

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    ahh the universe would never demand that you stop. that's not how the universe works.

    if we are talking digi scrapping/photography...i'd like the focus fixed on my 2 days, not 6 weeks!
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    Six weeks without a camera? ouch. I feel your need to make wishes Wendy!

    I would wish for an Airport Extreme Base Station. Yep, another Apple device sucking me in. LOL It would be awesome to have all of my stuff hooked up wirelessly--printers, external hard drive...yeah.

  6. a photography class!

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  7. A Nikon D40... its on my Christmas wish list...

  8. I agree with you Sam, I'm all about the shoot sac these days, but then there's noiseware, and a 50 mm lens and a light sphere and (btw have you seen the photos on Gary Fong's blog from his wedding ?) wow, Jessica Claire ( the photog) rocks! and I have my eye on a few actions plus an EHD and wireless internet and . . . . am I over budget? Maybe I should get my daughter through college first!

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    Can I buy for my husband to be done with school? He has 5 years left, but how about I can just buy it and be done?!!! Does that work?

  10. Beside world peace??? I want to take that photography class with Jill, I would love for noiseware and the rad actions to show up on my computer, and those tupperware thingys from Gary Fong.....okay I will stop now

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    (said all in one sentence without taking a breath)
    a new apple laptop
    airport extreme
    the newest video ipod
    apple TV
    a second olympus body
    latest creative suite

    deep breath...
    oh, and the universe could throw in a shoot sac too.

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    I love all your answers...

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    Not in order of preference:

    1 terrabyte of hard drive space
    a hand-carry bag that will securely pack my laptop AND my camera
    an Olympus E-510
    an external flash for my camera
    a big LCD monitor
    a shoot sac

    It feels good to dream . . .
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  14. A softbox for my light and seamless paper so I can take pictures like Kim's

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