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Thread: I'm tooting too!

  1. I'm tooting too!

    This week, Legacy Mag. emailed me for 3 digi layouts...and one was made using DD product!! I'm so excited, thanks so much for sharing my news!

  2. Christine, that is so exciting!!!! Congratulations!!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with your style! It's so wonderful to see so many of your layouts in the gallery! Keep 'em coming! You're so inspiring!

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    congratulations christine--that's FABULOUS news!!!!!!!!
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  4. Wow Christine...that is wonderful...congrats to you!!!

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    Congrats! I knew you'd have a toot or two pretty soon--I love your work. Thanks for posting here in the gallery! Can't wait to see the mag when it comes out--Legacy is awesome!

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    woohoo! congrats!

  7. awesome news - Congrats, Christine!!!

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    Congratulations! I love Legacy! I'll be sure to look for you...

  9. Congratulations Christine! Love your layouts!

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    Awesome news! Three layouts! Wow!

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    A big congratulations to you, Christine!!!! Awesome, awesome news!!

  12. thank you all so much!

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    Congratulations!! Very exciting news!
    LOVES it here!

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    woo hooo!!! Congrats Christina!!!

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    YAY!!! How exciting Congrats!

  16. so super cool!!

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