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Thread: My DH is mad ...

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    My DH is crazy...

    ... and obviously has a high tolerance for cold!

    If you have ever wondered what people look like when you hear them on the radio, then check out my blog for a laugh!

    Now I am just waiting for the outraged neighbours to call!! :-0

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    LOL . . . Captain Underpants come to mind. (do you know that series of books?)

    I sure hope you took some pictures for your personal scrapbook (not for gallery viewing of course!)


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    Oh dang! I was laughing so much I didn't even think of that!

    And they would definitely not be for gallery viewing!!! They weren't even boxer shorts, which would have been relatively respectable in comparison LOL :-0

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    LOL Lyn - I can so see him doing this. Now - maybe its a dumb question but why was he on radio ? and why so EARLY in the morning ?

    Can you imagine the neighbours --- in fact can you imagine the radio presenters face doing the interview ?

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    oh thats funny.... but you do indeed do strange things when seeking peace from many children LOL. you should tell him you have pictures anyway....just to keep him on his toes!
    read all about it!... -->
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    Too funny Lynn!

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    Thanks for a good laugh this morning Lynn, hehehe!

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    I was expecting a picture, Lynn - come on! He will never met us in person...

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    LOL! I'm glad I didn't miss that story on your blog, although, like Dagmar, I'm terribly disappointed not to see a pic!! Luckily, I have a pretty vivid imagination and the picture I'm getting in my mind is making me laugh! Cassie is right, the Captain Underpants books come to mind!

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