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Thread: Any tea drinkers here?

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    Any tea drinkers here?

    I am usually very much a coffee person, but I had this Aveda tea and LOVED it and now I can't find where to buy it (except at the expensive Aveda Spa). It's called 'Aveda Comfort' and I wonder if there is some other mix that is the same??? It says it has licorice root, peppermint, fennel and basil (sounds weird, but it is good and has a nice, natural sweetness). So any tea experts that can help me???

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    Just checked the homepage from Aveda, who says it is out of stock. Weird thing is that the Dutch Aveda Web Shop still sells it... well, 18,50 euro's, so that's pretty expensive... (about 22-25 dollar). But it only sells to the Netherlands, so I think that'll be quite difficult... If I were you, I'd check out those naturalist shops, the ones with homeopatic treatments, real tealeaves and anti stress candles. And I must admit, there are very nice other tea mixes in those shops that taste brilliant... I don't know if they have it in the States, but you could try for something that's called "star-mint" or "star mix", that is almost the same as what you described.

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    Oh cool, that's what I was hoping for -- something similar that wasn't as expensive and hard to find I'm going to look for this.

    Thank you

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