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Thread: Another Night, another chat! Woo hOO!

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    Another Night, another chat! Woo hOO!

    Thanks, Kellie for the great chat and the freebie! My understanding is that these freebies are only available for those who attend the chats, and are not to be passed around and shared. Really sorry if you missed it!

    BUT wait, there's more! Katie has a chat--this Wed night (tomorrow) at 11:00 PM EST!

    That's Wednesday
    11:00 PM EST (New York City, etc.)
    10:00 PM Central (Chicago, etc)
    9:00 PM Mountain (Denver, Boise, Great Falls, SLC, etc.)
    8:00 PM Pacific (Seattle, Eugene, Lake Elsinore, etc.)

    Hmmm. Am I right this time? Tune in Wednesday night at the scheduled time above to find out! (Too bad everyone missed my chat this morning! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since I don't think Katie will ever let me host a chat again after this!)
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    haven't been able to get to a chat yet because of work and tennis tonight - hopefully I'll be able to get tomorrow night's chat with Katie

  3. Acutally it'll be me Kate- but I can pretend to beKatie- tee hee. And well I am katie without the i.

    See y'all tomorrow night. Let's hope I'm not at the Dr. office like I was tonight! DD has a stomach flu - not fun asI think I have washed every sheet/pillowcase in the house three times each! But they gave her a shot of gravol and some other tummy meds so lets hope tomorrow is a good day.

  4. COOL...I'm hoping I can make this one...I have to take my DDs to a Volleyball clinic but I will try to get back asap! Tonight I was at the school putting up my latest bulletin felt kinda like scrapbooking on one JUMBO canvas!!!

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    kate--you beat me--I was going to post it's not me, it's not me!! LOL!
    I'll be hosting Thursday mid-day
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    OK! I give up! I'll let Ron post for me from now on!
    (I have completely lost it and can't blame my age because Kathie caught me yesterday and she's a couple months more mature than I am.)
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    The crop sounds like it was fun. I have no wonderful excuse like tennis or volleyball or even a trip to the ER! I'm just plain old and fell asleep! Better take a nap today so I don't miss any more of the fun (or the freebies!)

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    Ugh! The start of daylight savings! I have a hard time adapting so I'm in danger of doing the same thing you did last night, Lynn.

    It was a lot of fun last night and I simply must go flaunt the freebie I got from it in the gallery soon! I really want to be there tonight...looking forward to getting to know Kate better (or is it Katie? That person who posted this thead originally has me so confused!)

  9. Susan....ROFLMAO!!!!! I have to make sure to take nap so I can stay up late and see who you are tonight....

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    Yes, I'm very definitely not going as susancurtis tonight, either!

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