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Thread: sooo soooo close!

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    sooo soooo close!

    Turn to page 122 in your May 2006 CK, and LOOK!!!! THERE'S MY NAME!!! My sil's too! You know I'm framing it; buying all my friends and family a copy; gushing; beaming; and tooting!

    Ok, so it's not a published lo, does my name count?

    So proud to be a finalist in the CK "Turn in Your Friend" contest!

    Thanks for humoring me!


    Thanks to my SIL, Kristen, for secretly nominating me! It was a huge surprise that made my day!

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    Hey, congrats Haylie! Next time, LO! I know it'll happen!
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    congrats so deserver the recognition!

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    Of course, your name definitely counts! Wahoo for you!

  5. Your name definitely counts!! CONGRATS, Haylie!!

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    I would certainly classify that as tootable!

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    Definitely tootable! Congrats!!

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    congratulations haylie!!!!!
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  9. LOL...that still deserves a congrats in *my* book...for what it's worth!!!!


  10. That is awesome, girl! Congrats!!!!

  11. for sure!!! way to go, very cool!



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