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Thread: Crop tonight--in 12 hours!

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    Crop tonight--in 12 hours!

    It's with Kellie tonight. Please forget what I said earlier. Please! (It never happened!) (Ah, the beauty of "edit" and "delete"!)

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    The crop is at 10 Pm EST tonight. (Wow, the big difference one little letter can make!)

    In the meantime, I just hosted my first chat in the designer coffee shop at 7 am pst, just in case anyone showed up early because of me. The good news (for everyone but the person hosting the am chat) is that no one showed up...Here are the transcripts to see what you missed! (Sure, you're burning to know! )

    *** (13:58):Welcome to Designers Coffee Shop , susancurtis !
    susancurtis says (13:59):
    Hey, why didn't anyone show up for my chat this morning?!
    susancurtis says (13:59):
    I even used Kellie as my bait to reel everyone in!
    susancurtis says (14:00):
    Whew! It is a relief that no one actually showed up 12 hours early because of me!
    susancurtis says (14:01):
    I was thinking of free muufin baskets as a consolation prize or something like that...
    susancurtis says (14:01):
    Maybe people would prefer muffins
    susancurtis says (14:02):
    Anyway, I'll hang out here for a bit, chatting to myself, having my first very-own chat!
    susancurtis says (14:02):
    Leading a chat isn't as bad as I thought it might be!
    susancurtis says (14:03):
    This is going rather well.
    susancurtis says (14:03):
    Wait...I'm in the wrong chat room!
    susancurtis says (14:03):
    susancurtis says (14:04):
    No one is in the right chat room either!
    susancurtis says (14:05):
    And a special thanks to the creative team for saving the world from me!
    susancurtis says (14:07):
    I guess no one's showing up. I had a great time and will have to do this again someday...You guys really missed out on a great chat here!
    susancurtis says (14:07):
    If I say so myself!
    susancurtis says (14:07):
    And there's no one to disagree with me...
    susancurtis says (14:19):
    Whew! Guess no one's coming. The world is also safe from my muffins....
    susancurtis says (14:19):

  3. Susan... sorry I missed this! Sounds like you, you and you had a blast . It looks like I really would have been able to keep up with this one too! You did an awesome job as host and guest. Not many people could have pulled that off so seamlessly!!

  4. Susan...thanks for my laugh of the morning!!! "see" you tonight

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    KellieMize Guest
    LMAO Susan!!! Thanks for all the advertising. Hee. Should be a fun time tonight. I've been totally MIA lately - dang real life getting in the way of all my virtual fun - so I'm excited to catch up with everyone. I'm working on the freebie now.

    (I once read that you are not crazy if you talk to yourself; you're only crazy if you answer yourself.)

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    I got terribly bored right away from just sitting there all by myself! Not a very good turn-out!

    I'm sure your chat will be much more interesting! I will probably be there under an assumed name, though--I am still blushing! Looking forward to it! Can't wait to nab your freebie so I will definitely risk the humiliation!

  7. ROFL!!!! Susan you are way too funny, I am so glad that I'm not the only one feeling like a message board doofus today I just love your transcript! I'm laughing so hard that my kids are all gathered around looking at me and trying to decide if they should be laughing too!!!

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    Susan, you are cracking me up! I want to be there, but I have a meeting at 7:00 MT which means I would need to be done and home by 8:00 MT? Too bad I can't be CT for the day

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    Wow really had to deal with a wacko in that chat, eh? You handled her quite nicely I think! <huge wicked grin> ROFLMFHO!

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    CRAZY (but fun!!!)

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    SUsan - you are a gem!

    It's great that you were able to have a chat, and know that you were getiing all the right answers!!!!

    Love your work!

  12. Too funny Susan!!

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