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Thread: Tuesday (tomorrow) is the 1st crop-n-chat!

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    Losing my mind! Crop is Tues PM

    with Kellie! I am really excited. It starts at 10 pm EST. Oh, that's going to work much better than am! Sorry to everyone that I led astray early!

    So sorry--if you showed up 12 hours early for the chat! But, now that you're here, you can go and chat in the open chat room with anyone else who may have shown up early? Or post some of your beautiful LO's here? Or (my fave) go shopping here?

    You can imagine what havoc I created when we changed time zones on our trip and then the time changed to daylight savings besides! I am always getting myself into trouble--but that's one way of getting a little attention, I suppose?!! (Gotta figure some good outcome to save myself total humiliation!)

    (I'm kinda thinking I might skip this one! Out of sheer embarrassment. I can always say I got the time wrong?!!) Thanks to everyone for pointing this out so nicely!

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    Ohh - I am looking forward to it! What time will that be in Australia. Even better - where are you located so I can do all my own time conversions!!??

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    I really got things messed up a couple of Fridays ago when we travelled east and also had daylight savings during the same weekend. I afraid that I'm not the best person to ask! (My husband can unfortunately verify that!)

    Anyone here not on Daylight savings time? If that's the case, sorry--you're on your own! (I'm not brave enough to even begin to touch Indiana!)

    10:00 pm Eastern Time (ie., New York City)
    9:00 pm Central Time (ie., Chicago)
    8:00 pm Mountain Time (ie., Denver, Boise, SLC and Great Falls!)
    7:00 pm Pacific Time (ie., Seattle, San Fran, LA, Vegas, etc.)

    I hope this world time zone link works for everyone else:
    WARNING! They often have a very irritating sound loop going so be prepared to turn down your speakers!
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    I think you are about to leave the "Jr" ranks with your next post? (Of course, I might be confused and maybe 30 isn't the magic number afterall...)

    But if I'm not mistaken afterall, a big "Congrats!" to you!

  5. Lookiing forward to the chat! Hopefully I'll be able to make it.

  6. I thought it was tommorrow night

  7. Aussie time

    I was thinking about the time difference from our e-mail the other day and I think if it's 9 am for me ( cst) then it is around 11pm for you...???this is a guess though!

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    Was the time changed for this crop? The schedule says 10 PM EST, I think! I sure hope so!

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    crop time is:
    10pm EST
    9pm CST
    8pm MST
    7pm PST

    hope that helps!
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    AARRGGHH - I think it is 12 mid-night my time!

    Hey - now I am a real member as opposed to a junior - watch out DD - here I come!!!!!
    Thanks Susan and CD for you help! KAtie - any chance of holding any evening chats your time - so they are middle of the day my time (of course - there is no need to do this just for l'il old me!!!)
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    Ooooh! I got one right! Kylie made "member" on her 30th post.

    Congrats to Kylie! (And I would like for everyone to remember I was right, if only this one time! )

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