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Thread: OMG! DD Mentioned in today's los angeles times!

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    OMG! DD Mentioned in today's los angeles times!

    The Los Angeles Times published a huge article on scrapbooking in the calendar weekend section and under resources is guess who??!!!

    Congrats Katie! Did you know about this???

    If anyone is interested in reading it, here's the online version..dd is on page 4.

    Congrats again katie!

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    WOW!! That is **so** awesome!!!

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    OMG!! No, I had no idea! I'm going to look for it now--Liz could you capture the text for us or email me the article??? WOW!!!
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    thanks for posting the link Amy!

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    I think DD should have been much, much higher on the list, though!

  7. Very neat!!

  8. WOW - that is SO COOL!!!!

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    I'm just sooo excited to hear this!! Congratulations Katie and the other designers! This is just so exciting!

    Off to read the article...
    LOVES it here!

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  10. Woo hoo....let's all carry Katie on our shoulders and wooshhh her around....sing and dance....and cheer....go Katie. What a way to start off the second year at DD!!!!!!!

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    How exciting! What's next-national TV?!?!

  12. How exciting...I'm going to the link right now

  13. That's awesome!! WhooHoo DD & Katie!!

  14. WOW- how cool is that - congrats Katie!!!

  15. WOWEE....huge congrats on THAT DD!!! What an honor!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. yay!

    whoo hoo!!! this is super cool!



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