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Thread: I need your recommendations

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    I need your recommendations

    I'm pretty new to the digi scrapping world but I am a little familiar with photoshop. Currently, I am using Photoshop CS and I was wondering if you guys can recommend me a book or a website to get more help.. As I said before, I know the "basic" like text, cut, layering and what not but I lack knowledge in the more advance stuff like mask (what is that??), diff. uses of brushes and stamps (are they two different things?) , etc. get my drift? Any recommendations?

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    My friend Pattie (ptknox here at DD) recommended Scott Kelby's books and I think they are wonderful! (Pattie is so good I run out and buy whatever she recommends! I call her my "enabler!") He has them for PS and PSE. The ones I have are Down and Dirty tricks and PS for Digital Photographers. I hope this helps!

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    Lynn and Pattie are right--Scott Kelby is always recommended whenever I see this question.

    Also, check your library to see if they have any Photoshop books. I found a couple at my library that I liked (and a couple I didn't) so that will also help give you an idea of which teaching style you like best. Some people just teach steps, a smaller number explain the whys behind the steps.

    The photoshopradio blog (it can be googled to find it) has weekly (Monday?) podcasts (I've wanted to check them out but haven't yet since I'm so techno-challenged) and I also liked the free videos that were offered at wz2k--just google "photoshop video downloads index" and you'll get a link to the videos there. They require some special software downloads to use them, though.

    Katie is planning on teaching some classes here sometime, but I don't know if there will be any Photoshop ones. Keep on the look-out just in case. If she does, they're bound to be really good!

    By the way, your stuff is great. You are amazing for a new-comer!
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    Thanks ladies! I'll def. check out Scott Kelby's books! and thanks susancurtis for the kind comment!



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