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Thread: Calling all iview media users (Tali?) :)

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    Calling all iview media users (Tali?) :)

    After our thread about storage of digi kits, I was totally *sold* on the idea of using iview media to organize my files (which was originally mentioned by Tali -- thank you!). I love the idea of being able to type in a keyword such as "flower" and having it pull up a thumbnail of every flower on my computer in an instant. How great will this be versus going by memory or searching for something manually!

    I purchased iview media this afternoon, and now am having a little trouble getting started with the process of cataloging everything. I realize that I have some time consuming work ahead with tagging everything (and am prepared to plug through it), but I was curious if anyone could pass on some advice as to the best way to go about this.

    For instance, do you create a new catalog for *each* kit? Or do you create a new catalog for each category (i.e. alphas, ribbons, etc.)? I'm also having a problem with creating keywords. My first "test run" involved importing an individual kit into a catalog. After doing this, I created keywords, but had trouble varying the keywords within the kit. It seemed to tag everything in that kit with the same keywords.

    I downloaded the manual, but decided to "cheat" and ask here first before going cross-eyed reading the thing. Plus, I welcome any tips you may have in order to streamline this process for us digital scrapbookers!

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


  2. Dinah, you are going to love it once you figure out how to use it, LOL! I have a handful of catalogs. I have one exclusively for DD. Everytime I download a kit from here, I tag to that catalog. My key words are paper, stitches, tags, brushes, etc. It makes it easier when I'm creating LOs with all DD product. For all of my other kits I have a catalog for word art, random word tags, brushes and overlays. I have another catalog for flowers, ribbons and stitches. In total, I have about 5 catalogs that I managed to get everthing into. Does any of this make sense so far? I don't use the color coded titles up top because it only allows 10 key words (catagories). Instead I just use my key words (farther down).

    Once I'm back up and running (yes, my computer crashed ) I can send you some screen shots if that would give you a better idea. Eventually you'll come up with something that really works for you. It's a GREAT way to get organized!!

  3. When I read Tali's post few weeks ago, I HAD TO immediately download the program and get started. (Thanks so much for the idea Tali!!) I'm still new so I probably don't have as many kits as people on this site so I only made one catalog. The way I did it, it's organize by many different type of tags. (don't know if that's the right name for it.) I do use the color coded title up on top as the website address I get the kit from. I assumed that I won't be downloading from more than 10 diff. sites, but I could be wrong! Then the second title, (sorry, I don't have the catalog with me so I'm not sure what it is called, but I can verify later if you want) I use it to organize by paper, ribbon, stitches, quotes, etc. Then I also organized it by author so I know whom to give credit to. Then last, the keywords that Tali talked about, I use that section as the kit name. Some aren't part of a kit, so it won't be tagged under that category, only the last three. Am I making sense? I'm kind of a NUT when it comes to organizing, hence so many different type of "tags"! It did take awhile because there are so many diff. tags to organize it by but I figure in the long run, it'll all be worth it! If I want a paper by a specific person I can look under author, if I'm looking for something in a certain kit I can look under keywords and so on.. kwim? But I figure everyone will have their own way of doing things! Just play around with it and I'm sure you'll find a way that'll work for you!

  4. Cindee, thanks for sharing how you set up your catalog. I didn't think of using the color coded titles for the web address...GREAT idea! I certainly don't shop at more than 10 sites either so this would work for me as well. There are so many different ways that the iView catalogs can be used and it's helpful to hear how others have used it to get organized. I agree, if you play around with it you'll find something that works! It's my favorite digi tool I would never be able to remember what I have without it!

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    Thanks ladies, for your tips!!

    I was wondering how you cataloged the alphas from your kits? There are roughly 40 alpha files in each kit (26 letters, 10 numbers and 3 or 4 punctuation marks), and say you have 50 kits -- that's 2000 individual "alpha" files (and c'mon, -- we all have more than 50 kits!)! I wondered if it would become somewhat cumbersome when searching the alphas if I tagged each character to have to wade through that many files. So...I had thought about just tagging the "a" from each alpha, just to jog my memory as to what each alpha looks like to cut down on the files that are displayed (not to mention the "tag" work). Or does anyone have any better suggestions? I'm totally open to suggestions!

    I welcome any other iview tips and what you've found works best!

    Lovin' the program so far!!!!!!!


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    Sorry--yet another question! Does the $49.99 version show png files? I downloaded Picassa (a free program) and the pngs do not show up well.

    I went to the site for iview, but pngs were not specifically listed for this less expensive version--but they were definitely listed for the more expensive version! Can you see the pngs ok in your version?

    thanks, Susan

  7. Dinah, I have a catalog just for alphas. I tagged the "a" just as you mentioned. I also tagged every "1" if it came with a number set and put those under the key word numbers. Then I tagged all of the punctuation and also used that as a keyword. I'm with you, it's kind of just a reminder.

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    I think I am slowly catching on to this program! I decided to use the colored labels as actual "color" tags. For instance, if I have a green paper from a kit, I tag it as part of the "greens." Since there are two blues, I used one as a "multiple colors" category, and used another extra label for "whites." I doubt I will have the time or patience to "color tag" each file, but I am definitely going to do the papers for now, since there are usually so many of them in each kit. It will be nice to be able search for all of my "blue papers" and have it pull up my options. I used my category sets for the main categories such as ribbons, tags, papers, alphas, etc. I used the author category to tag the kits by site/designer, and used the keywords for those extra details such as "flowers," "photo corners," etc. I don't know if this is the best way to go about it, but it's how my fuzzy logic and organizational skills have directed me thus far.

    I have one question: After you've imported your kits and are finished tagging them, do you keep them in one long scrolling list in the "list" window, or do you delete them and keep that window empty for your latest import? Or is deleting them even an option (without deleting the actual file off of the hard drive along with it)?


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    (Waving arms frantically!) Help! Help! Save me! Please! Someone?!...anyone?!

    Do the pngs work (show up as actual images) in this program?

  10. It png shows up in iview. hth!

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    Thanks so much! I thought they must work with it since everyone seems to like iview, but I didn't want to spend $50 without knowing for sure!
    Thanks again!

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    You will love iview! I am still working out all of the wrinkles, but so far, I am loving it, and loving how it will save me so much time when everything is cataloged.

    Have fun!


  13. Dinah, I know you can delete from the catalog without deleting off your hard drive but I'm not sure about the list you are referring to. You might be talking about that "home" page. I guess the first catagory up top (no color). If that is the one, I leave everything. I also don't put everything into one huge catalog. I have about 5 catalogs total. One is just for everything that has words, phrases, quotes, etc. I have one just for elements and it's pretty packed. I have the key words broken down by staples, brads, photo corners, etc. So many ways to use iView and I guess rearranged things a few times before I found something that worked for me.

    Also, here's a tip I learned the hard way....after you tag items do not move them around in your hard drive. Another words, if you have a kit and you tag everything and later on you move that kit into a folder with the designers name or something, the catalog will not recognize where it is and you will not be able to drag and drop. It will tell you that item is not available even though you will still be able to see it.

    Hope that last part made sense

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    Yes, that made sense -- thanks for the tip! On that same note, do you save your iview files to CD/DVD to have a backup of your catalog(s)? What about your kits? Is there a way to make iview work with backup CDs (getting around the whole "path" issue)?

    Also, can you perform a single search across multiple catalogs? (For example, search for a flower in several different catalogs with one search.) I can't find anything in the manual about that, but I'm guessing a search is limited to a single catalog. I have been creating one catalog per digi-scrap store/site, but after running into this cross-search issue, I see how it makes more sense to do it like you did with big groupings (ribbons, quotes, etc.) contained within one catalog so you are searching EVERYTHING in that category at once. Hope that all makes sense...

    I hope I'm not driving you nuts with my questions!


  15. LOL, you are not driving me nuts at all....for the last 10 days the only thing I can do is post comments because my internal hard drive crashed ( ). At least this way I still feel involved. Things like my computer situation drive me nuts not questions. I'm not a pro when it comes to iView so this thread has been helpful for me too!

    Yes, I would recommend backing up your catalogs and kits to DVD (this coming from a person who's computer just crashed and didn't do that ). I don't think you will get around the path issue but I would sure hate to reorganize everything. This way, at least you have a saved copy you can put back on your hard drive in case you every crash (I'm not trying to curse you, really I'm not!)

    hmmm....I think you are out of luck with running a search on multiple catalogs. It works well in big group catalogs. I don't tag everything either. Just stuff that I know I will really use.

    Oh, and one last tip for everyone iView user or not..... go run a virus scan (right now, GO!). You don't want to end up like me . I think I'll be back up and running very soon but it's been a very painful experience!

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    Hope you get everything up and running again soon! I feel your pain! You have inspired me to do some current back-ups.

    You mentioned that you have 5 catalogs. Is there a "max" on how many items you could put in one catalog? Or can I try and stuff everything into one or two?


  17. I don't know the answer to that. I was actually wondering that myself. I'm sure 2 will hold plenty.



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