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Thread: What's a crop?

  1. What's a crop?

    I read in the mail I got that you'll be "hosting crops" this month. And I wonder what that is. A crop.

    Maybe this is a totally stupid question, but I AM still quite new in this game

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think a crop is like a chat but with something specific to do-a kit to use, a challenge of some sort, etc. I really like them because they sometimes push me into doing something different or something I really need to get done! Besides, there's usually lots of friendly chatter too!

  3. I've never been to a crop but I think Lynnie is pretty right on with her explanation. I'm looking forward to the upcoming crops though- should be fun!

  4. I've only been to one online crop so far ... we were given an 'inspiration' piece, and then had to create a layout while we chatted ... quite a difficult task, let me tell you, as I kept getting distracted by all the chatter. It was a heap of fun tho, and I did manage to finish a layout! Sharon

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    This is one multi-task I'm not very good at... but just like crop nights at archivers or the like, I chat more than anything else! So it's a time to hang out--get some new inspiration and pick up a freebie! working on the schedule now!
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  6. Ok, I get it. A chat and something to do...

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    Katie made me feel better. I have a hard time just trying to type and chat! Adding a LO goal to it? Aaaagh! But I'll be there!

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