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    Oh my gosh! The new issue of Digital Memories Magazine might as well be called Designer Digitals Team magazine! Half the team is spotlighted in there! I'm afraid to list names in case I miss anyone but I saw layouts (many of them multiple times!) from Jackie Eckles, Amy Martin, Candy Sorenson, Shanah Gordon, Natalie Braxton, Susan Curtis and Sarah Bartlett and a BIG feature on Kim Weiss! HUGE congratulations to all of you! Its so much fun to see all of you and your great work recognized! I hope I didn't miss anyone! I know that Katie and a number of the girls from the team are on the magazine staff. I just wanted you to know what a great issue this is! So many great articles and inspirations. Back to rereading my DMM!
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    I love DMM too

    I was sooo excited to be called and wow - such great company DMM is a great mag, I love it coz it's download and I get to have it the same day as everyone else, but I'm going to have to get all those other mags that the DD girls get published in too - it's fab to see friends in print!!

  3. That's awesome! I think I'm going to go purchase this-been hearing great things about it! Did they have calls that you guys got in with or did they just see your work and love it?

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    Hi Andrea,

    There was a call on their website. Two categories - babies and spring for this latest issue. The one thing is that any submissions cannot have been posted in public galleries and, as I understand it, you're than not supposed to post online for another 6 months. Arrrgh!!

    It is a fab mag though (well worth the spend) - loads and load of great articles and layouts. I'm sure they'll be lots of interest when info is posted about the categories for the next issue, and if I hear before I've seen other post I'll be sure to let you know!


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    Really awesome work, everyone. And KIM!! Loooooove that you were a spotlight scrapper!! So awesome!

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    that is awesome, congrats everyone!! I'm off to search for the mag!

  7. HUGE congrats to all of you!!!! YAY!!! I am going to have get that issue!!!

  8. Huge Congrats everyone!!! I haven't seen it on my list for tommorrow..I can hardly wait to see it now....WhooHoo!!

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    I love that Jennifer Pebbles. Great taste!

    Congrats everyone!

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    It's truly SUCH a fabulous magazine... so I was so completely flattered when they asked me to be a Featured Artist.



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