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    My "Work It" lo is in Magazine's April issue. It's under the "Free & Easy" article. I didn't get anything for it. However, the satisfaction of knowing one of those "wizards behind the curtain" saw my work and liked it puts a smile on my face and that makes it totally worth it.
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    CONGRATS Haylie Your work is amazing and it's great to see it recognized!

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    congratulations Haylie!!!!!
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    Congrats and huge hugs Haylie! Glad to see the rest of the world recognizing the talent that we here at DD have seen all along!

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    Awesome news! You're not in Kansas anymore, Haylie, you've become a citizen of the world! I'm glad they finally recognized your talent!

  6. Congratulations!

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    How exciting!!

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    LOVES it here!

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  9. CONGRATS!!! How fun!!!

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    Haylie - that is awesome!!!!!! A well deserved recognition!!

  11. Haylie, Congratulations!! Very well deserved!!

  12. CONGRATS, Haylie!!! well deserved recognition!!

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    Good on you Haylie!

  14. Wow! That's awesome, Haylie! You definitely deserve it! Yahoo!!!

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    Haylie, I love your work but it's so nice when an editor loves it too! Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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