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Thread: How about a quick HOF chat review...

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    A very quick HOF chat review...

    for those who were not lucky enough to attend? (Or like me have a bad memory! Now that it's over, I have finally thought of the questions I wanted to ask! )

    After learning about weather and wisdom teeth (Pattie won), I drew the conclusion that HOF is an overall concept approach. That journaling or the creative angle also play a big part in it right up there with the design?

    By the way, thanks to all the HOFers who came! So fun to hang out with you.

    Jen also recommended a book..but maybe knowing which one should be a perk for those who were there???! Hope everyone can come to the next chat!
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    I had fun chatting it up with the gals. I was just bummed I couldn't stay for the whole thing. Looking forward to the next group activity

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    It was fun to see you there. I see you in the gallery so often, I really enjoyed being able to get together at the chat!

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    Thanks for starting this thread, I was so sad that I missed the chat and I'd love to find out what happenned!

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    I wonder if Katie has transcripts? (Hint hint?) She might be frantically editing them first, though. (Oh, please remove the dunce cap remark if possible!??)

    I know Leora described her style as looking simple, but having a lot going on in that simplicity. And Tiffany said she didn't think she'd win...she mentioned she felt strong in her journaling and so did Jen. And Jen said that quilt books are good inspiration for helps in combining patterns. And I think 2 or 3 use that book Jen mentioned. And I am not revealing the name of that book quite yet...someone else who isn't a tease might want to jump in thoough!

    Katie shared some of her designer secrets. And said that BHG Secrets (what's that? no one's told me!) was really good.

    Katie wants to offer classes here and asked for suggestions...
    It was just fun to hang out with everyone besides getting all those golden nuggets of HOF wisdom.
    Any one else want to share what they learned?

    Oh my goodness--how convenient is this? BHG Design Secrets,
    Think I'll pick it up with Freestyle.
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    Thanks for this thread. I was hoping to join in but both DS have been sick and I'm afraid I needed the sleep (being in the UK the chat times are a bit tricky)!
    I would love a review - those chats are so much fun - and I was really disappointed about missing it. Looking forward to the next *get together* though!!

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    Susan, is the book you're talking about the Color Index by Jim Krause? I know that one was mentioned becuase I looked it up! Or was there another one I missed? I need all the helpful hints and trade secrets I can get!

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    Yep, that's the one! (She's so sweet, unlike me the big tease!)

  9. ohh...didn't know about that book so now I must go and check it out!!!

    I had fun at the chat (the little time I was there). I am super slow at typing so I mostly sat back and watched it all!

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    Susan and lynn, thanks for the breakdown....reading your description, I felt like I was there.

    Leora - lol. I'm still laughing at your siggie. You are too cute.

  11. Well...I *do* need a new phone...BUT I want a new camera...which one should I get???? Tough choice...

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    Unfortunately, Leora had to leave the chat early so I never figured out if she got a new phone or not?!! Glad to have that burning question finally answered.
    Leora, my guess is most scrapbookers would say, "go for the camera" so you might have to keep that siggie a bit longer!?

  13. heehee..well, I have been *dealing* with this phone for about 5 mo. now, so a little longer won't kill me.

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