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Thread: Kim B!!!

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    Kim B!!!

    Wow! I just clicked on your team page LO and you are amazing!!! I was/am totally inspired by your photography! I have always loved your scrapping style and I am in awe of your photo skills!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Alright Candy I was JUST going to post this exact thread! KIM!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes can you give us all some tips??? Man you are fantastic! Your photos are breathtaking!! I loved them!

    If you have not, click on her name in the team section- go above and then go down to Kim and click on it- AMAZING photos!!! WOW

  3. Oh, my goodness! Thanks for the heads up, Candy and Kate! Kim, your photography is sooo amazing! Simply incredible!

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    OMG -- your work is truly stunning Kim--what kind of camera are you using? Please tell us your secrets--your work is awesome!!!
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  5. Girl, you have some amazing landscapes going on. Wow. I've always lacked in the non-people photography department so I'm envious of your skill!

  6. Amazing!

    I always have marveled at your photos. I am totally blown away by your talent. I second the motion for on-line photography classes from you.

  7. OMGosh..I am speechless. New use for the chatroom...Kim can teach Photography 101!!!!

    Kim, truly your work is just amazing!!

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    Wow! Wow! A hundred times wow! What a collection of gorgeous photographs! You are one talented lady, Kim!

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    I'm with Kathie! Would totally, seriously, completely LOVE it if Kim was wiling to give us some tips! (Are you LISTENING Kim?!?!?)

  10. Wow

    WOW...Kim, your photography is amazing! I don't even know what to say! I have a pretty amazing camera but I have no clue how to do what you can do!!!...soooooo, how much for private lessons????

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    After I saw this post last night I went and explored your photo gallery. WOW!! Add me to the list of admirers and one that is eager to learn from you anything you're willing to share!
    LOVES it here!

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  12. WOW..amazing! It was fun cruising through and looking at your vibrant work!

  13. I'm blushing We've been gone for a couple of weeks and what a happy thing to return to!
    Thanks so much...but really, it's more photoshop than it is the photographer!!! to download photos. I can't wait to scrap them, especially given all the cool papers that have come out the couple of weeks we were gone

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    I wondered why I hadn't seen any LO's from Kim lately! I always loved her stuff when I checked out the challenges here.

    Hmmm. I have photoshop but for some reason my photos aren't quite like Kim's!

  15. Photoshop my rear!

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    It it were just photoshop they'd be charging WAY more for the software, right???

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    It can't be JUST Photoshop! There has to be a pretty darn good photo to start with and someone who knows how to use Photoshop very well too!

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    You know, I see photos like this, and on one level, I think, "Well, anyone could take awesome photos if they could travel to places like that!" And then my rational mind kicks in and says, "Nope. Way more to it than that." These take my breath away, and (to paraphrase Jack Nicholson) make me want to be a better photographer.

  19. Knock my socks off!!!! Holy cow or camera....who cares....your skills are turning out works of art!!!!

  20. Oh...and if it's solely the photoshop like you're insinuating....guess I better get a refund on mine....must be defective!!!!!! Ha! Okay....just share your great mind with us!!!



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