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Thread: 10x20 frame

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    10x20 frame

    Does anyone know where I can buy a 10x20 frame?

    I want to put a picture in a frame for my dear friends' baby shower this weekend...nothing like last minute!

    I'll show you the picture when I'm not running out the door!

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    do you have a joann's nearby? they have a very wide variety.

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    You can find 10x20 frames at most department stores where frames are sold. I found one at Target but they only had black. Look for frames that have a mat for several prints - such as 3 5x7 prints and take the mat out to fit your 10x20. Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, Wal Mart are all potential sources of a frame but to find one you like takes some searching. I found 8x20 some places also - if it's something with extra white space you can trim down sometimes that works in a pinch. I found a gorgeous silver ornate frame at but it probably wouldn't help you for this. Good luck!

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    Wow do I feel silly! That is just too easy. Thanks ladies! You are always so helpful.



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