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Thread: Resizing for Gallery

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    Resizing for Gallery

    I had been using CS5 for quite some time but when I got my new computer with Windows 8.1 it wasn't compatible so I move to the Creative Cloud with newer version of Photoshop. In the past I have my perfect little system for resizing for the gallery - not too big - not too small. However, in the CC version I'm having a terrible time getting my pages resized for the gallery. They keep coming out way small and just as soon as I think I have it figured out it comes out way too big. I just posted my SSL page and had to go back and resize my page at lease 3 times before I got it right!

    Do any of you have the secret formula for CC that will work in the gallery?
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  2. Are you using the Save for Web feature? If so, I use preset: Jpeg High and then type in 700x700 or 600x600 at the bottom of the Save for Web dialog box where it says Image size W: and H:

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    Thanks for the tip - I"ll try it. I'm sure my old method was not the best approach but it had worked for a long time!!
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    Sara, thanks for the tip. I have been kicking myself trying to figure this out!

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    I flatten and then change to 700x700 the quality to 11. I should try the save for web option!

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    Funnily enough, I am doing the same resave as I did on my CS2 and I reckon my text is hard to read in my web pages now when resizing using the CC version, it used to be clear. I might need to try the resave for web option too, I tend to just change to 72 dpi and 700x700.

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