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Thread: help..want to print an album for the first time

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    help..want to print an album for the first time

    I have a question about printing. This will be first time printing an album (12 pages) and I would like it to be an 8X8.
    Suggestions on the best places to print.
    I make all my scrapbook pages in 12x12 format, so how do I resize for an 8X8 (I have all my psd files) and I am going to assume I want the biggest size (resolution?)
    And is it best to get an actual album printed or just do the pages and get an album with page protectors?

    So very confused and dont want to waste the money for something that doesnt turn out right

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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    If you have finished all of your pages I'd say go for a book! The advantage of printing single pages and placing them in page protectors is that you can finish your album over a longer time and add bits in later on. Sounds like you don't need that. A book will be much more compact and should be cheaper because you don't have the expense of an album and page protectors.

    I'll leave others to suggest the best place to print. Different photobook companies will have different requirements about the images you've uploaded.
    The Australian company I use for my vacation books allows me to insert .tiff files directly into the album. Since I save my layered files as .tiff rather than .psd that makes it super easy and I don't need to worry about any conversions.

    Regardless of who you choose you can upload your 12x12 and the photobook software will just resize it to fit automatically. Your pages will already be 300 pixels per inch so that's fine for printing. It may be that all you need to do is save your pages as jpgs. I'm not sure if you can do that in a batch in PSE, but in Photoshop CS I usually go to File - Scripts - Image processor and that opens a dialog that lets me choose a source folder and a file format I want to change it to. That will automatically convert all of my files in one go! It is a godsend when I want to prepare my Project 365 pages for upload to Blurb!!
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    It's exciting to have completed all those pages, isn't it? Esther gave you good advice!

    When I first started creating digital scrapbook pages I had them printed individually and then I slipped them into page protectors in albums I purchased at the Archivers store, but, since 2009, I've been uploading 12x12 jpeg versions to shutterfly or Picaboo or Photobook America or My Publisher for printing in bound photo albums, usually in the 8 x 8 size. I usually wait to order during a sale at one of these publishing sites.

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    I would say Blurb, but they don't do 8x8, they do 7x7. So go with whatever else is suggested. And the beauty of the 12x12 is that the software will just do it automatically for you. But you still have those big beautiful 12x12 if you change your mind.

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    Erin, you won't regret getting your pages printed in a book, I promise! I absolutely love my books! As others have said, the software will convert it to the size and as I'm in the UK, my suggestion of using Photobox is probably not the best option for you but I say 'go for it' whoever you decide to use!

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    Since you only have 12 pages, I'd have them printed as individual pages and then into a 8x8 album. I have a couple of those smaller albums that I bought at the big box stores either on sale or with a 50% off coupon. 12 pages is only 6 page protectors. Most companies that print bound books have a minimum of 20 pages, because the binding doesn't work as well if the book is going to be skinnier so if you want to go that route, you may want to make 7 or 8 more pages. btw, if you have a good enough printer at home (are you happy with any color prints you've made?) you can easily do the 8" print jobs on a standard photo paper and just cut the bottom off. (If I do this I often just print a couple of smaller images on the extra 'white space'.)

    Here's how to resize from Elements Village.

    If you have made the page already at 12 x 12 300 resolution ... and want to print it at 8 x 8
    Then just do Image>Resize>Image Size ... change the 12 inches to 8 inches and then print it out
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