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Thread: MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air?

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    MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air?

    Sadly, not for me but I just know some of you ladies out there will know this and also be able to explain in simple terms!

    Jodie's struggling with a really slow Dell laptop and is considering a Mac. What is the difference between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air? Does anyone have any recommendations? She's primarily looking for speed when using PSE11 for photo editing and the internet.


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    Is is she really set on moving to Mac? I just got a brand new Dell XPS15 and it is ultra thin with an aluminum casing (very Mac-like) and lightening fast with a high resolution screen (same as Mac's retina display). To be honest, I am totally device-agnostic and can use both Mac and PC, but I've found this new Dell to be an absolutely a dream to work on with both the speed and brilliant display...but with a somewhat smaller price-tag.

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    If she is traveling a lot with the laptop, then I'd suggest the Air. That is the main advantage, imho. My dh lusted after an air when he was traveling to and fro a federal building and had to have his laptop checked a lot. He felt his Macbook Pro was too heave, and his is much older than your daughter of course! eta, fortunately his almost daily travel ended and 'we' saved $$s. He later put a newer faster hd in his MacBookPro (after spilling a glass of water into it....)

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    Thanks so much Sarah and Maureen! I've passed your guidance on!

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