Hello ladies!!
Yesterday a guy I know loaned me his 'bag of lenses' to have a play with...
a bag of AMAZING Canon Lenses...
all L lenses...
gorgeous, primes - 28mm f/1.4, 35mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2, 100mm f/2.8 (macro) & the beast that is the 70-200mm IS f/2.8
Am I in heaven?
You betcha!
Just a shame I will have to hand them back!
Anyways - he's going to let me borrow them for a dear friends wedding in just a few weeks. I will have 3 bodies and plan to take 3 lenses. I was thinking of the 35mm, 50mm and the macro. I know the zoom will be amazing but honestly it's just too big for me (I think I might break my wrist!!).
Right choice/wrong choice?!
(I would like to take the 85mm but again these bad boys are so heavy!)
Any help/advice gladly taken!