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Thread: Show Us Your Favorites!! (06-23-14)

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    PLEASE TRY TO LIMIT YOUR POST TO ONE PAGE. That gives others a chance to share their favorites, too!

    Please show us pages that use DesignerDigitals products and provide a link (click here to learn more) . . . so we can see the details of the page in the gallery.

    Beckie's "Window Shopping" page has such a wonderfully nostalgic feel to it. I love her conversion technique, and combined with the blending it makes for a terrific Rockwell-esque page.

    I look forward to seeing your favorites!

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  2. This beautiful layout by Ernie88 is artistic and nostalgic which is a lovely combination.


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    This page by Sara (sarahorton) is pure genius -- love, love, love it!


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    I really loved this page by jlholden15 - such fun colours & i love the variety of textures. Well done indeed!

  5. Thanks, Linda! So honored to be mentioned here You made my day!

    Carol's page is so cleverly done - I just love it! Her masking of the frame and ring are masterful!


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    I just loved all of the amazing detail in this page by Liz! There's so much inspiration packed into this page!


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    Thank you so much for the mention here Trace! I've had a rubbishy two days just feeling ugh but you've completely lifted my spirits and there's so much goodness in the gallery these days, it's such an honour to be mentioned here!

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    My fave for this week is this page by shell5490. I love how she's used the template and tweaked it by duplicating the frame. Her photo is, of course, adorable too!


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    I loved this one by Heather, such a great idea to document.

    Chrissy x

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    This page by Jeanne is pure artistry!


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    I wasn't in the gallery much this week, however two of my favourites were already mentioned here (Heather and Liz)! I just love catching up on the highlights from the week here in this thread!!

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  12. Thanks, Amy. You made my day.

    I love this page by Mungerre!!!

    What am I doing wrong that it is not coming in full size????

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    Jeanne when you are grabbing the .jpg, you are doing it from the thumbnail in the gallery, rather than actually opening up the page and grabbing the full sized .jpg.

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  14. Thanks, Carollee.

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    Thanks for the mention here Sarah! And I agree, this is a super thread to catch the highlights!

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    Sam is on fire with photos of her grandchildren and I'm loving each and every one. This one especially. It just speaks volumes of the relationship they all have. Completely wonderful page.


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  17. Thanks so much, --- what an honor Rachael

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    Thankyou Merrilee for mentioning my page here. It is an honour!!

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