My family spent last Thanksgiving at my dad's house. My mom died last summer and this was our first holiday without her. Needless to say, it was quite depressing in a comical way. Meaning, the grief was still right there under the surface, but watching us all try to get things together and do all the stuff when she had always "been the glue" was kind of ridiculous and we laughed a lot. We knew she would be bonking us over the heads with frustration at how clueless we all were. We couldn't even find the placemats and napkins, for crying out loud!

My sister put up the Christmas decorations BEFORE Thanksgiving because she knew my dad wouldn't do it.

So for the entire Thanksgiving holiday, I have seven photos. Two of my niece and sister doing some kind of dollar store craft; one of my dad's cat; one of my mom's caroling dolls decoration; one of the bottom half of my grandfather's Advent calendar; one of the only Christmas tree my dad put up, which was a 2-foot-tall artificial tree in the corner of the dining room; and a funny interaction on a white board between my son and my dad. Thank goodness I didn't take a picture of my mom's urn, decorated with pink sunglasses, a feather, Mardi Gras beads, and a pink flamingo cardboard party decoration. Please don't ask. I wasn't involved in that decision.

Have mercy on my soul, what in the WORLD do I do with these pictures? Do I scrap them? Is there a way to make it sort of a tribute to my mom without being sad? Do I just delete them? I am trying to finish my 2013 album and these are the kinds of photos that are grinding the project to a halt.