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Thread: Firefox help - Randy? Anybody?

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    Firefox help - Randy? Anybody?

    This is driving me crazy!!
    I switched from IE to Firefox after the major warning. I have about 6 sites I log into multiple times thoughout the day. Firefox will NOT remember me and keep me logged in even if I check that little box EVERYtime! I know it is a setting somewhere and I have looked repeatedly through the options, but cannot for the life of me find what I need to check/uncheck so it quits logging me out everytime I close the window!!! AAARRRGGGHHHHH!
    Help! Anybody! TIA!
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    In my copy of Firefox there is a menu bar icon in the top right corner. In that I select Options and then click on the Security tab. The tick the "Remember passwords for sites".
    This does create a problem, though:
    I can't stand having to retype my passwords, either. So I do have mine saved and I take the risk of it being hacked...
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    On Macs, it is Firefox (where the word Firefox is), Preferences, Security, Passwords and check Remember for Sites. I have never used the option one password for all sites nor do I have any exceptions. I do also have mine set so that when I totally close Firefox, all that saved info is cancelled. (imho, this means that I have to re-enter those passwords but you can't convince me that Firefox etc doesn't have it all somewhere. )
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    Thanks for your help!! I think I finally have it set up right!!
    Brenda - wife, mother, animal lover!
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