Could I just say that the decision to step down for a sabbatical from the Creative Team was well timed.
The reasons were taking care of my Mom (just turned 94) and managing a renovation - which WILL include a yoga room and a studio for me.

AND.... when all this is done....I will be so happy not to be irritated and cranky everyday from sheetrock dust and botched landscaping and......

But also...

I really miss all of you and making digital art.
I jump on sometimes and look at what you are doing.

I've missed the quarterly event this weekend mostly because I was managing there teams of workers yesterday who showed up with no warning to me
AND no project supervisor either. Well. except me.
I'm about to meet with an architect/landscape consultant in an hour to see what can be done...

I AM still around.
ART is in my future.
See you more then.

ps. I still have not gotten past day one of my India pictures.
As in even LOOKING at them in Lightroom.
If that tells you anything!