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Thread: to buy or not to buy hmmmmm

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    Red face to buy or not to buy hmmmmm

    I am on Elements 11 and have no intention of purchasing PS. I know my way around Elements pretty good. Do any of you think that this class would be worth it for me given that it mainly teaches in PS. Trying to decide. I am into digital scrapbooking like many of you and wondering if all the xtras are worth it or am I better off investing in more stuff from DD. Please help...Decisions, decisions...

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    It depends on what you want from your scrapbooking. If you have a clean, linear style e.g. Project Life etc, I'd say no. If you want lots of artsy pages, it might be something for you. If you are seriously interested in making ART for sale, I'd say yes. But you are right about being able to buy a LOT of supplies for the same amount of money.

    The other big caveat is will you stick to the class and keep at it? If you have a history of not finishing classes, I'd say you know yourself and I'd pass. hth!
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    Good advice, Maureen!

    As far as learning more about the workings of PSE and PS, I really think everyone would learn new techniques and shortcuts from this course. It is a time intensive course, in that there are so many videos to watch and techniques to practice, so, how much time you have to devote to it is an important consideration. On the other hand, the videos can be watched whenever you have time and they are always there for you when your schedule permits.

    I am really enjoying the course. I was ready to try to do more with blend modes and layer masks and grunge effects and this course fit my needs at this time.

    Good luck with your decision! Katie says the special price offer will be offered again next July, so, if you don't sign up now you can always wait till then if you wish.

    and, happy scrapping, no matter what you decide.

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    Thank you for replying. I am not planning on selling art. I love the grunge look for pages or possible a canvas if I ever decide on a picture �� i may just treat myself to the class and see what I can learn. It seems from some of the questions that others have had that I may benefit even on elements 11. Looking forward to starting�� Happy Early Mothers Day to all the mommies out there!

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    I have PSE11 and am really enjoying the course. There are some things covered that we can't do, but even so they give you ideas and I've found there are ways you can do many of the things just using a different part of Elements. It's really a treasure trove of information and there are loads of downloads, too! I was worried about only having Elements but it seems to be working out just fine! It's my Mother's Day present and I couldn't be happier!!

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    I am taking it and signed up for PS for a year to be able to learn all there is to learn. I have barely made it out of module 1 and I am on overload. There is so much to learn, that if you really want to know how to accomplish the magic that photoshop offers, its a great class. I really like the idea that the modules will stay there until I get to them. I have put about 6 of them on my ipad so I can watch them and have a full screen on my computer. I can't imagine putting anything together that is worthy of being sold, so it is really for me-so I can have more control in these pieces of software.

    I have already gone back to scrapping in PSE12, I really like to be able to have my digi and pic files open and drag from ACDsee to PSE12 I can do, and it seems like I can only drag one item to PS and then I have to open up to get my items into PS.

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    Try the photoshop artistry course, it teaches you so much and works with PSE11 and up!

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    I bought the course and haven't even started yet LOL. But the good thing is that I know I can do it on my own schedule, otherwise I would have never invested the money for it!!

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    I have PSE10 - would I need to get PSE12?

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    I'm strongly considering this course - does anyone know if the current price of $174 is the lowest that the class is offered for? I see there is a lot of value in the amount of material and I'm just trying to determine if I should purchase now or wait a bit. Thanks for any input!

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    Yes, that's the lowest that I'm aware of! It's a great value and I don't see it being discounted further.
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