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Thread: Whats the first and last thing....

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    Whats the first and last thing....

    Whats the first and last thing you put on your scrapbook page?

    I think my first is going to be pretty much everyones first - the photo. Right?
    I resize and move it about until I like where it sits... then I begin.

    My last, well I think I'm a bit 'different' with this one! Its the hardest part for me - the back ground paper. One of the very last things I chose. I have a terrible time with background papers... often choosing that takes me longer than the whole layout did!! LOL

    So - whats yours?
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    Interesting question. Like you, the first thing is usually (but not always) the photo. For me the last thing is usually the journaling or text, and if there isn't any text, then usually the title. That's a lot like work for me.
    I'm curious how everyone else will answer.


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    First: photo(s)
    Last: usually the journaling

    I usually choose the background paper once I have my photo on the page because I pull colors from the photo for the background.

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    first: the template.....LOL
    last: journaling or shadows
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    I choose the photos I want first-then decide on a template or a photo cluster
    I either end with some of the elements or journaling

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    1. first the template .... then the photo .....
    2.last the journaling/drop cheat alot..... I scrap lift its so much easier to use what someone else did..... and I find so many things I had in my stash.... but had not used or even thought to use....or things I need to add...
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    it's funny because when I first started digi scrapping, I would count how many photos I wanted on the page, then find a template that had that many spots on it for the photos. Now, I just make my own template! The last thing to put on the page would be my journaling. Great questions!

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    I'm a little different.. I put the background paper on first. I will always know what photo I want to use but I can't put the photo on and play with the page unless I have a background. lol. I might change it 50 times while make the layout but I need the background first.

    Last is usually either paint splatters/flair/any other little elements and finishing touches.. OR... I change the background again.

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    Ooh, good question, I hadn't thought about it and had to look through my gallery to remember.

    I like to start with where I'll be putting my photo before I drag it across, trying masks and frames out. The background paper is one of the first things I add, though I often then change my mind at the last minute. I normally add journalling last unless it's a story-heavy page.
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    Mel, I'm like you in that the photo is first and the last thing on is the background paper. . . . and OMG that takes me FOREVER sometimes! I use a solid color layer that I can change as I'm scrapping and that at least helps me know what color to look for, but geez that paper can be a backbreaker. If there is journaling, then the font will often times be changed a couple dozen times before I call the page done.... and that's AFTER the background paper is chosen. I'm tired just thinking about it.

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    Like Trace, more often than not I know which photo(s) I'm going to use then I try a couple of backgrounds (and keep them in my layer palette to switch on and off! The last thing for me is either journaling, title or a couple of brushes to finish off.... oh but then I try a different background - which tends to change the whole look of the page and then it's off, on, off, on, etc, etc, and then I probably need to change an element or the colour of a brush so it's a while till I'm happy!

    One thing I love during the entire process is getting things roughly in place and then... I add my shadows and see my page come to life! Love that moment! Oh and then it's back to the background again!

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    For my vacation albums I start with the background paper - because it's the same on every page!
    On an event page I usually start with a template.
    Then photos
    Finishing with journaling. I often feel very guilty that I haven't put any thought into the placement of the journaling until the very last step, and shunt it around on the page mercilessly; "There? No... There? Nah... Maybe here?"

    And even if I think the whole page is finished, there's usually a typo to correct!
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    1. Photo and placement
    2. Journaling...because I love to "tell" the story of what makes this photo important...write, edit, write, edit repeat ad nasuem!!
    3. Background paper and brushwork and elements.

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    Usually #1 is the photo but occasionally I create a page just for the products and find a photo that works! Last would probably be the title or journaling.

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    This is such a fun question!

    Usually i start with the photo & then add a background paper (most likely will change as the layout evolves tho)
    And lastly i put the journaling & date on my page.

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    Like a few others, I usually start with my photo. And more often than not, I end with journaling and the date.

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    Always the photo is really first ... but there are times that a template I find will drive the photo I want to use.

    First -- Template ... then I start messing around with it and it's never the same
    Last -- Journaling
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    I'm like Trace, Chrissy and Liz... after the photo comes the background paper! Liz... I totally do what you do! A number of different background papers that I keep in the layers palette and turn on and off as the layout 'builds'! Love that someone else does that, too! The last thing I usually do is add some little 'finishing touch'... a fine line twist, maybe a brad or a staple or two. Or a little soccer ball.

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    I'm going to have to think about this and note it when I do my next page, but just thinking about it now, whilst I have the photo "out" it's not yet on the page, my paper goes on first. Actually dare I say probably 5-10 papers that I think I'll like, and then the photo/frame, page is built up, and I turn on/off all the papers at the end to see which one stays and which are deleted. And last, always last, is the date!

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    Photo first - always.
    Background paper last - always - and I wonder if this is why I find it really hard to get away from white or nearly white backgrounds?
    I'm like you Liz - when I'm happy with the final arrangement of photos, elements etc, then I do the shadows and I love that magic moment - I might tweak them a bit afterwards, but usually I try to add them without looking at the layout until the last one is done - and then -whammo- it looks "real"!

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    the first thing i put on is the frames and crop-spaces for the papers. i feel like my composition is usually the 'stuck in a rut' part of my mojo, so i work on that first. photos & journalling & background paper get added and decided on pretty soon in the process. the last thing(s) i add are the small touches--the embellishments that i don't want to distract from the photos and journalling.
    fun to see how everyone's process is different

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    I love learning about your creative process.
    FIRST - Like many of you I can't work on a canvas unless it has a background. (I am another one who will change backgrounds many times while constructing my page)
    LAST - I also try to find a good spot for journaling and a date. (This can be a challenge for me)
    Amy Mallory

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    First: the template or the frames.
    Last: Usually the background paper (which might explain why I go with white-ish ones so often; it's what I'm used to seeing.)

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    I usually start with a photo in mind but begin by grabbing papers and then pop the photo on. I go through tons of backgrounds in the process and keep them all in the layers panel until I'm really done.

    Then I find the frame (or several which stay in the layers panel along with all those backgrounds!)

    Then I build - but in no special order. I might start with brushes/mask or I might begin with the goodies. It changes with every page.

    Usually title and or journaling is the last step in the composition but the really final step is to remove all those extra hidden layers that I accumulate in the process!

    Some times this works - sometimes sit doesn't. And then there are times when I take a totally different approach - like the page of Ellie I have started that consists of a picture, paper pieces and some goodies and now I'm stuck! LOL - I call that a work in progress and still keep the option to trash the whole thing and start over!

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    Interesting to read this....

    I will start with the background paper. I might have two options available. Then I move in the photo/s and place it/them.
    The last thing I do is the best part.... the final touches. Brushwork and the little extras.
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    This is such an interesting thread - it makes you think about your process! I almost always start with the photo/s, then background paper, then frames. The journaling always comes last (or never) because I dread it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tracermajig View Post
    I'm a little different.. I put the background paper on first. I will always know what photo I want to use but I can't put the photo on and play with the page unless I have a background. lol. I might change it 50 times while make the layout but I need the background first.

    Last is usually either paint splatters/flair/any other little elements and finishing touches.. OR... I change the background again.
    That's exactly what I do!

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    As so many of my pages are travel album pages, I most likely start with a template. I'll often do that with any page. Templates were my first purchases which helped me have a place to start. I like structure in place even though I may change the template as I go. I''ll pull a bunch of photos in from LR and see what fits or doesn't. Usually I have my photos by date/day so I know which ones are going on a specific page. Background papers (if needed) go into my layers. I too love having them there, turned off and on to see what seems right or just might need a color adjustment. With PL, I often go with what felt like the mood of the week or what strikes my fancy as I'm doing it for backgrounds/colors

    For other pages, I'll have a photo or group of photos in mind, and go for a background paper first, then masks, add the photos and then play around with blending or elements - keeping in mind that I may want a block of journaling. Edgers, swirls etc are all the icing bits and I'm not all that interested in titles, usually.
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    I most likely start with the background, then I will go through my folder with new goodies and see what I can find that will go with my theme. I am typically journaling challenged, so that will be the last thing I add, that and the date (if I remember to put it on at all LOL)

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    My first thing is the photos, unless there is a really awesome paper I want to use and then I go searching for a photo to use with it lol. The last thing for me is always the date of the picture.

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