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Thread: I'm a newbie here!!

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    Smile I'm a newbie here!!

    Hello and thank you all for allowing me to be part of Designer Digitals. I'm always up to meeting new friends! I'm from Kentucky and yes, I'm a county girl! I love my little Family, I love photography and always want learn as much about it as I can. I also love digital designs, but don't really know much about it and how to go about designing all the pretty stuff that people do. So, I came across DesignerDigitals and thought I would join. So, Here I am!! Can't wait to learn from you all and to get to know as many of you that I can. Have A Blessed Day!

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    Welcome Marie! You will find this very addictive, it's all about memory keeping which is something we hold dear to our hearts, and the pages help to scratch our creative itch. So have you delved into Photoshop or elements or any other program, or how new are you?

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    Welcome! It is lovely that you have introduced yourself. We are all happy to help. Scrapping can be whatever you make it - clean and simple or beautifully embellished - and there is no right way, so go for it! We all love our memory-keeping here!
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    Hi Marie! So glad you introduced yourself. You're going to love it here. :O)

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    We're delighted you found DD, Marie! Can't wait to see what you create.

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  6. Hi Marie, and welcome! I know you're going to love it here. There is always a great energy here and lots of positive feedback. Settle in and if there are any questions, there are plenty of friendly people here, more than willing to help out. Have fun.

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    Welcome to DD. We are a friendly bunch and love meeting new scrappers. If you have any questions, please be sure and ask and somebody will be able to answer. Hope you enjoy it here

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  8. Hello, Marie! Welcome!

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    Welcome to DD! Glad to have you here!!

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    Welcome! So happy you took the time to introduce yourself.
    Be sure to look at the blog and forums for challenges and inspiration posts.
    You can also find in the store plenty of tutiorials you can buy to show you the basics of digital scrapbooking - look here.
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    Welcome to DD! It's lovely to have you here! It's such a lovely, friendly community here and you'll settle in here in no time! As the others above have said, any questions just ask - there's a fountain of knowledge here and someone will have an answer for you! Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery! Enjoy and have fun!

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    Hi Marie and welcome to DD! I'm so glad you took time to introduce yourself! This is a great place to settle in and find inspiration and help for your new creative outlet. I really is addictive! I'm anxious to see your creations. If you have any questions just ask!
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    Welcome Marie! I am relatively new here myself and these ladies have all been fantastic!!!!! Looking forward to seeing your layouts
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    Welcome Marie! Hope to see you in the gallery soon!

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  15. Welcome, Marie! You'll going to love it here!

  16. Hi Marie! How wonderful to have you here with us at DD . . . I know that you will love it here. This is the friendliest and most helpful place to be as a scrapper. I have asked many questions on "how to" for this or that and have always received an answer which is so helpful.

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    We are so happy to have you What better way to use your beautiful photos than to make gorgeous pages you can put in a book or in an album?? You will figure this out in no time and you will never look back!! I can't wait to see what you create!

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    Thank You All for the warm welcome!!!!

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    Carol, I love photography and I use Photoshop Elements for my photos.

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    Welcome Marie! I'm sure you will love DD family Make yourself comfortable and ask everytime you need.
    You will find it as a great adventure, I'm sure.

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    Welcome Marie! We all started as newcomers, and I still recall crying when I got so frustrated in trying to do my first not-even-a-page. You ask here and you get answers! Understandable answers. I have also found that while I can make some digital things to use, it's sooooo much easier to buy the designer's products and get on with the fun part. Plus your supplies never run out!!
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    Welcome to DD, I'm sure you will love it here. Can't wait to see you in the gallery!

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    Hi Marie! I'm from Alabama so not too far from you! We are happy to have you and hope you will make yourself at home. Be sure to ask any questions so you can dive right in!

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  24. Hi Marie I'm in Ohio - not to far away at all - welcome to Designer Digitals!!!
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  25. welcome Marie!! this is definitely the place to learn a lot! and make friends! and have fun!

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    Hi Marie from Kentucky! Welcome to DD. Can't wait to see your pages in the gallery! Good advice from the ladies above about starting points. There are so many resources here that you can learn from. If you haven't been to the "Getting Started" Section, I'd recommend it as it gives some great advice for starting out in creating digital scrapbook pages. As as Aino said above, the tutorials are amazing and will take you step by step. Templates are another great way to get started! Have fun!

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    Welcome to Designer Digitals Marie!! You will love this place!! My SIL and her family moved to Kentucky last summer!
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